Only answers properly marked on the answer form will be graded. 6th AMC 10 B. 2. 1. A scout troop buys candy bars at a price of. The best way to prepare for the AMC 10 is to do lots of practice AMC 10B Problems and Answers · AMC 10A Problems and. The AMC 10 and AMC 12 are both question, minute, multiple choice examinations in high school mathematics . AMC Question & Solutions .

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A grocer stacks oranges in a pyramid-like stack whose rectangular base is 5 oranges by 8 oranges. A 30, B 32, C 35, D 37, E 40, 8. In any case, the number of ways to choose n items from m items is ml Which one of the ten digits is the last to appear in the units position of a number in the Fibonacci sequence? What is the smallest possible sum of all the numbers showing on the surface of the 3x3x3 cube? The two forms of the AMC silutions con- test, referred to as the 10A and 10B, are given about two weeks apart.

An aquarium has a rectangular base that measures cm by 40 cm and has a height of 50 cm.

Use the form included in the Teachers’ Manual. Why do you charge registration fees for both contest dates? Then the total value of the coins is 20 n cents. The length of the curb between the stripes is 15 feet and each stripe is 50 feet long. ANSWER D There are six dice that have a single face on the surface, and these dice can be oriented so that the face with the 1 is showing. What is the area of the union of the regions enclosed by the square and the circle?

How many dollars does one green pill cost? What is the sum of the digits of n? What is the surface area in square meters of the inner cube?


If the number on the die is odd, the game is lost. Please make arrangements for your school to register as we must send the contest materials to the school directly. Only in the first case will Jack be twice as old as Bill in five years. A crosswalk bounded by two par- allel stripes crosses the street at an angle.

Bird drive to arrive at his workplace precisely on time?

What is the area of the annulus? What is the cost of the jam Elmo uses to make the sandwiches?

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What is the degree measure of ZB AD? The dictionary must be given to the school contest manager to examine and retain for the hour period preceding the test. These two problems gave my older son some trouble today: How many unit squares are in the th ring? An Imprint of the American Mathematical Society.

E There are five times as many freshmen as sophomores. Then they would have to take the AMC 12, and they would receive 2 first place finishes, but the tally starts over again, and they would receive a pin and a bronze medal for those two years Q. At a party, each man danced with exactly three women and each woman danced with exactly two men.

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Following this pattern, we consecutively remove 10, 9, 9, 8, 8 2, 2, 1 tiles before we are left with only one. What is the least number of main courses that the restaurant can offer so that a customer could have a different dinner each night in the year ? The contest manager at the school receives an e-mail from the AMC office containing a spreadsheet a.

Suppose that the order in which the exponentiations are performed is changed. The smaller circle is painted red, and the portion outside the smaller circle and inside the larger circle is painted blue. What is the mean? What is their sum? How many seconds does it take a rider to travel from the bottom of the wheel to a point 10 vertical feet above the bottom? Write a letter or an email to the AMC office with your request. There are 3 possible values for p, which are 0, 3, and 6.


They may be returned after the contest administration period. E It is prime. These previous tests are available from the AMC at http: Specifically excluded from AMC 10 contests are problems that involve trigonometry, logarithms, complex numbers, and the concept of functions and properties of their graphs.


What is the perimeter of this region? The required condition is satisfied by 4 multiples of 3 between andnamely,and A customer can choose one, two, or three meat patties, and any collection of condiments.

All the other options are greater than 1b0 the sum is 15, we have the following cases: Access this eBook now! Braille and Large Print exams are available solution an additional cost. Who can proctor the contests? So the only statement listed that we are certain is true is that Crups are both Arogs and Brafs.

A rectangle with a diagonal of length x is twice as long as it is wide. The op- posing argument was that a lOth-grader whose previously undiscovered talent is first revealed by a high AMC 10 score should not be denied the opportunity to take the AIME.

Teachers and parents should help students prepare but let the students perform at the appropriate level and take pleasure in solving challenging mathematics problems.