Six Suspects . Vikas Swarup They are a glitzy bunch, but among them the police find six strange, displaced characters with a gun in their. Review: Six Suspects by Vikas SwarupHirsh Sawhney sifts through some daft writing for the clever nuggets in a sprawling Indian satire. Here’s a question for its author, Vikas Swarup: Can a novel be any more high- concept than ‘Six Suspects,’ by Vikas Swarup JUNE 24,

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People fall in love with the relatives of people who killed their own relatives. Namun Vicky tetap nekat mengadakan pesta perayaan kebebasannya di rumah peternakannya di Delhi. Pembunuhan, tersangka, motif, bukti, solusi, dan pengakuan. It’s a great read!

Six Suspects

Second, I love reading crime thrillers – so thought of having good time pass and the book served the purpose. Unfortunately for me, Six Suspects flattered to deceive. Review -nya dibuat dua tahun kemudian saat saya mempunyai blog buku. Comment on this review. The police search each and every guest.

Sep 24, Dan Swraup secara tidak sengaja mengetahui kalau Vicky juga mengincar calon pengantinnya.

Though some reviews complain that the structure is gimmicky, in my opinion it works well. Sambil menunggu laporan balistik, Vikas Swarup mengisahkan motif masing-masing dari 6 tersangka yang dilihat dari wawancara Arun Advani, seorang jurnalis kriminal.

Fenil – I love to read your screen play once.

~Who is the murderer?~ – SIX SUSPECTS – VIKAS SWARUP Consumer Review –

His appearance seemed so random, and I’m still not really sure what he was doing there. Six Suspects worked essentially as a superb suspense thriller for me, but it is also a commentary on everything that happens in India suspfcts from militancy and racism to reality TV and call centres. Most of the characters had been described into great detail they seem to have lived or are living somewhere. So many unique characters, strange points of view, and personal interests converge in this tale to write an altogether captivating modern Indian drama.


Your review has made me curious but as you have mentioned that it has the same cruelty as is Swarup’s style and what we saw in SM I think I will give it a miss.

It was mysterious enough for my mind to keep going but not too complicated that would make me want to continue with my other unfinished books. Kini, Vicky Rai mati, terbunuh dalam sebuah pesta perayaan kebebasannya. Upload photo files with. But I can’t erase the thought in my mind that this book was written with a intention to make it to the big screen and vias with an intention to satisfy the literary thirst of the readers and hence the three stars.

Vikas Swarup is one of the best thriller writers in recent times. Is that with a special agenda? Ada juga yang menentang dengan aksi unjuk rasa. Popsugar Reading Challenge I have heard about it several times but didn’t find it interesting after suspectss reviews on the internet. Tapi banyak orang mengira begitu dan ini menyebabkan petaka bagi si turis.

May 08, Sree rated it liked it. Jangan andalkan suspecs pun. Bullet For Bullet – Julio Rebeiro. You will enjoy it more. D Sekarang setelah saya reread, cerita ini tetap seru meskipun saya sudah tahu siapa pembunuh Vicky Rai.

Also I think you can guess the killer fairly early if you are a fan of Agatha Christie skspects have devoured her books like me. A fun book on many levels – writing style, character development, guessing games – that ends with a surprisingly poignant message. All delivered not in a preachy tone that one would expect when such topics are involved, but the most amazing suspectz and sense of humour I have read in recent times.

And despite trying to shove in everything Indian under the sun, Swarup makes one notable omission.

Delhi underbelly

It was also fun to get into these six different stories – some were more successful than others – and I learned to appreciate them all at one point or another. Here, the victim is Ruby Gill, a Gandhian scholar and bartender who is shot dead after she refuses to serve a notorious industrialist and movie producer.


May 17, Neha rated it liked it Shelves: Police could figure out “Six Suspects” Title of the Novel. Vikas Swarup takes us through the story behind the murder in his latest novel. I think some people might be turned off by some of the style variations in the book, but I felt it was fascinating to see the challenge laid before Swarup – this is an ambitious book and I felt like it mostly succeeded.

Quotes from Six Suspects. Dan saya penasaran sekali siapa itu Vikas Swarup dan seru atau tidakkah novel yang ditulisnya.

Supsects curiga jangan-jangan banyak pejabat Indonesia yang studi banding ke India untuk mempelajari cara-cara lihai meloloskan diri dari tuduhan dengan jalan pemalsuan fakta, puntiran undang-undang, maupun menyingkirkan orang-orang baik. So at first I was really interested with the novel, with the author’s choice of writing style. There are a certain class of books in which nothing really happens for three hundred pages, but the reader enjoys the read because the characters are so friendly, the setting so cozy, and the writing so easy.

He was soo ‘stereotypical stupid American’ that made me cringe everytime he’s on.

Tapi setelah Larry datang ke Wwarup, apa yang ditulis gadis itu melalui surat semuanya palsu. Everything happens, but the journey jars, the characters fail to charm, and occasional lapses in writing make the plot alone carry the reader along. I feel this review is: Nice romp that explores life swaruup India but in a lighthearted manner that does not detract from the story. Sepak terjangnya dari berbagai bisnis banyak yang menumpahkan darah dan kesewenang-wenangannya pada rakyat kecil, membuat berita kematiannya menjadi hot gossip di negeri itu.