Agatha Christie: A titokzatos stylesi eset Agatha Christie: Poirot a Styles Court Agatha Christie: Poirot mester Agatha Christie: Das fehlende Glied in der Kette. The heiress of Styles has been murdered, dying in agony from strychnine slipped into her coffee. And there are plenty of people who would gain from her death. Hastings renews his friendship with Poirot and involves him in the mysterious poisoning of the mistress of a manor house married to a man twenty years her.

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Agatha Christie’s Poirot S02E10 The Mysterious Affair At Styles (1) – Part 01

Invalided home from the First World War, Lieutenant Hastings finds himself in a convalescent home very much to his disliking. Thankfully his old friend John Cavendish invites him to spend the rest of his sick leave at his family home.

Despite the tranquil surroundings Hastings begins to realise that all is not right. When Mrs Inglethorpe is found poisoned a murder investigation begins, and who better to investigate than war refugee Hercule Poirot, a retired Belgian detective. He was hardly more than five feet, four inches, but carried himself with great dignity.

His head was exactly the shape of an egg, and he always perched it a little on one side. His moustache was very stiff and military.

The neatness of his attire was almost incredible. I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound. Yet this quaint dandified little man who, I was sorry to see, now limped badly, had been in his time one of the most celebrated members of the Belgian police. As a detective, his flair had been extraordinary, and he had achieved triumphs by unravelling some of the most baffling cases of the day.


One was a little, sharp, dark, ferret-faced man, the other was tall and fair. I questioned Poirot mutely.

He put his lips to my ear. Ugy 3 eve olvaztam vegig a teljes Agatha Christie eletmuvet, most belefogtam ujra. With a long drawn exclamation of ecstasy, Poirot led the way back to styllesi morning-room.

But the flesh is weak, it is consolation to find that one is on the right track. Ah, my friend, I am like a giant refreshed. She smiled, and so did I. He asked Dorcas some question about a bell, and appeared so delighted with her answer that he is capering about as you see! He’s going out of the gate.

A titokzatos stylesi eset / Függöny [Fekete könyvek]

Isn’t he coming back to-day? I’ve given up trying to guess what he’ll do next. Sometimes, I feel sure he is as mad as a hatter; and then, just as he is at his maddest, I find there is method in his madness.

Poirot was an extraordinary looking little man.

The neatness of his attire was almost incredible, I believe a speck of dust would have caused him more pain than a bullet wound. But we must be so intelligent that he does not suspect us of being intelligent at all. Cavendish gave me titokzatod tea, and her few quiet remarks heightened my first impression of her as a thoroughly fascinating woman.


A titokzatos stylesi eset — Reader Q&A

An appreciative listener is always stimulating, and I described, in a humorous manner, certain incidents of my Convalescent Home, in a way which, I flatter myself, greatly amused my hostess.

John, of course, titolzatos fellow though he is, sfylesi hardly be called a brilliant conversationalist. Every one is — usually something absurd. Only I heard him, and glancing up curiously at the little man I saw that his face was working with suppressed excitement, and his eyes were as green as a cat’s. Imagination is a good servant, and a bad master.

“Poirot” The Mysterious Affair at Styles (TV Episode ) – IMDb

The simplest explanation is always the most likely. At that moment Dr Bauerstein pushed his way authoritatively into the room.

For one instant he stopped dead staring at the figure on the bad, and at the same instant Mrs Ingelthorp cried out in a strangled voice, her eyes fixed on the doctor. With a stride the doctor reached the bad and seizing her arms worked them energetically, applying what I new to be artificial respiration.

He issued a few short, sharp orders to the servants. HarperCollins esdt, London, Random House Waking Lion BerkleyNew York, stylsei BantamUnited States New York,