Islam: Between Message and History (In Translation Modern Muslim Thinkers EUP). $ Hardcover. Books by Abdelmajid Charfi. Showing 1 Result Books . Abdelmajid Charfi, 23 novembre (cropped).jpg 1, × 1,; KB. media legend. Abdelmajid Charfi en novembre (French). 0 references. Abdelmajid Charfi. Président de Beit al-Hikma – Tunis. Les occasions manquée dans la rencontre avec la civilisation occidentale. 3 May Palazzo Rasponi .

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The first thing on the table is tea, followed by the Koran, five thick, large-format volumes. The title is a manifesto: Charfi, who is Professor Emeritus of Islamic Studies at the University of Tunis, leafs through the thin pages and explains how his edition works: Underneath, in red, is the translation into the Arabic script we use today. And the third, light grey part,” the editor pauses for a moment — “gives the variations on that verse, citing the author and source.

In the Islamic tradition, God speaks his message straight into the ear of his last prophet, Muhammad. The Prophet — who was illiterate, which means that pious Muslims regard the book as a miracle for that reason alone, as well as for its linguistic beauty — gives a verbal rendering of the divine text to his companions.

His secretaries write down what they hear. Copies containing variations appear from the very beginning — which for Muhammad himself is not a problem: He decides which verses came from the mouth of the Prophet and are therefore valid. This text, still considered by most of the Arab world as the only authoritative version, is printed for the first time in by Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

But the variants abdelmjid, becoming the object of literary interpretation and theological discussion. Four layers Charfi has analysed biblical and Jewish studies, Aramaic and Syrian literature and forbidden manuscripts by friends of the Prophet.

Textual critics dig down like archaeologists and Charfi has exposed four layers abdslmajid the Koran: The echoes of the Judaic and Christian history of ideas in the Koran are unmistakeable. There are variations of almost every verse of the suras. Then he becomes diplomatic: The work is a great job, to gather all the variants abddelmajid the same place, but the mediatic interpretation as usual falls flat.


Modern illiterate scholars set out again to reinvent the wheel. Nothing new here to “shake the foundations of Islam”. What arrogance is this to ignore the fact that all the variants have been handed down to us by the Muslim scholars of medieval times, and that they very well contextualized and interpreted the Koran within that context and had no problem whatsoever with the methodology that our new inventors propose.

Abdelmajid Charfi – 7th UNAOC Global Form | Baku, Azerbaijan

It is the case up to this day, if your myopic sight were not focused on the Salafist or moronic jihadist chardi if you listened and read enough beyond your academic circle norms, and finally if you did not accept the hegemonic ideological enlightenment discourse.

Only someone trapped in the irrationality of a formal logic deduces an unnecessary literality from “come down from heaven”, and this includes both Salafists and French-styled rationalists – both with extremely limited minds. Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel.

He was born in Bethlehem and lived by the Sea of Galilee. Christians believe that he was crucified at Golgotha outside Jerusalem — only to rise from the dead three days later.

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Skip to main content. For many years, progressive Islamic thinkers have been calling for people to read and understand the Koran in the context of the period in which it was written.

Now, for the first time, Tunisian Islamic scholar Abdelmajid Charfi has put together a critical historical edition. Trimmed by the Caliph In the Islamic tradition, God speaks his message straight into the ear of his last prophet, Muhammad. Redefining the status of the Koran within Islam: Anyone who denies this today, says Charfi, is separating religion from life. Pages 1 2 3 Abdepmajid page Abeelmajid on one page.

Interview with Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd: For a plurality of Koranic interpretations Koranic research: The reader maketh the book Interview with Angelika Neuwirth: A new project launched by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is working out key concepts from Judaism, Christianity and Islam abxelmajid the aim of promoting interreligious dialogue.

Both revolutions it seems were doomed to failure, with those involved forced to endure a long and Literary trends Introducing Egypt’s BookTubers In her videos she talks about books that have struck a nerve with her.

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Abdelmajid Charfi

Interview with the Islam expert Behnam T. Said Why al-Qaida is stronger than ever When we think about terrorism in abdellmajid Arab world today, the first name that springs to mind is IS, not al-Qaida. But, as Behnam T.

Said abdeomajid in interview with Jens-Christian War reporting Facts must be respected — even in Syria! Amid the increasing complexity of the Chardi conflict, a growing number of “critical citizens” are assigning greater credibility to conspiracy theories chxrfi the Internet than to UN Can art help individuals process the experience of fleeing across the Mediterranean? In submitting this comment, the reader accepts the following terms and conditions: This applies in particular to defamatory, racist, personal, or irrelevant comments or comments written in dialects or languages other than English.

Comments submitted by readers using fantasy abdwlmajid or intentionally false names will not be published. Readers’ comments can be found by Google and other search engines. Leave this abdemlajid blank. Comments for this article: Limited minds The work is a great job, to gather all the variants in the same place, but the mediatic interpretation as usual falls flat. Newest Most Read Most Comments. Interfaith initiatives from Morocco to Jerusalem Dialogue by design. Repression against journalists A world of Khashoggis.

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Tunisian teachers protesting work conditions demand better pay.

Egypt acquits 43 NGO workers on illegal funding charges. Most Recent Photo Essay. In the footsteps of Jesus Jesus, born a Jew, spent his days in the region now known as Israel.