Abraham Cahan () was a Russian-American novelist and labor leader . His family, which was devoutly Orthodox, moved in to Wilna; there young. Introduction. Abraham Cahan’s English-language novella Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto, published in , is a work of realistic fiction that draws attention. Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto [Abraham Cahan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The operatives of the cloak-shop in which Jake.

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A Tale of the New York Ghetto Review excerpt, “Notes and Comments,” The Israelite, Besides, he wants to be in his hometown as he was when he was young. The language here is of particular interest.

Abraham Cahan

Fanny sits beside Mamie, and Jake joins the two rivals. Flora elopes with Shaya, but she feels excluded yekkl his future when he seems more interested in his books than his new wife.

Abraham “Abe” Cahan July 7, — August 31, was a Belarusian -born Jewish American socialist newspaper editor, novelist, and politician.

When Mamie abrahamm, Gitl asks about Mamie’s finery, and Jake explains that Mamie is probably going to a ball. Their financial problems do not matter to Goldy because she loves Nathan so much. One of the most significant signs of his new, secularized, Americanized appearance is that he has shaved his beard.

Asriel formulates a plot during the afternoon sermon about marrying one’s daughters. When he begins to suspect that Tatyana is interested in him, Dalsky moves out of their home.


How did your feelings about the goal change as you pursued it over time? Jake yells at Gitl when she speaks Russian. Flora is Asriel’s daughter who is determined to marry a doctor.

I really enjoyed reading this short book! Shaya is becoming an atheist and leading others to sin. Rouvke threatens to call the police as Feive threatens to tell Peretz what Hanele has done.

What kinds of expectations do we have of literature today, and why might they differ from those of Cahan’s period? On the street, Jake worries about where he will spend the night. The pent-in sultry atmosphere was laden with nausea and pierced with a discordant and, as it were, plaintive buzz. Floraappears in The Imported Bridegroom Flora is Asriel’s daughter who is determined to marry a doctor.

She is angry that Heyman does not stand up for her, but those feelings quickly subside as David begins to court her. When Asriel humbly begs Flora to join everyone downstairs, she agrees because of abarham uncharacteristic humility. Diamond rated it it was ok Mar 07, She changes jobs when she learns that Jake is married abrahwm tells Gitl about Jake’s relationship with Mamie. Sam Retton rated it liked it Feb 23, David is mesmerized by Beile and enjoys her singing at work.

When Gitl comes out of the bedroom to yell at Jake, Jake denies her accusations. Feb 28, Carolina rated it really liked it Shelves: Read the song together with your students, including the English translation.

The Workmen’s Circle, ccahan, Reb Lippe is too proud to allow Asriel to read the third section of the Pentaleuch and auctions off the sections instead. What other reasons, aside from those observed in Yekl, might account for this phenomenon?


Asriel insists that Flora marry a God-fearing businessman, such as a merchant. Funk and Wagnalls Company, Anna rated it it was ok Feb 24, He goes to meet Hanele when her name is called, but Rouvke is shocked to see her being escorted by a young man in the overcoat of a Russian collegian.

Yekl and the Imported Bridegroom and Other Stories of the New York Ghetto Characters

Shaya loves knowledge and Flora, so he agrees to study to become a doctor. He threatens to kill Flora and Shaya is Shaya ever enters his home again, forbidding Flora to marry Shaya. Eija rated it liked it Apr 06, Jake meets Fanny on the street after work and reaffirms that he is not going to Joe’s dance school. Mamieappears in Yekl Mamie loves Jake and dances with him at Joe’s dancing school, making Fanny jealous.

Yekl: A Tale of the New York Ghetto by Abraham Cahan

The more Jake thinks about Mamie, the more irritable he grows with Gitl. This artifact is a record for a prepaid steamship ticket, issued March 24,for a second class ticket from Hamburg to Philadelphia. When Asriel finds out about this secret, he forbids Flora to see Shaya.