Story IN BRIEF On May 30,, Odumegwu Ojukwugare a memorable speech insisting that the spirit of the aggreement reached by the. (i) A military committee comprising representatives of the regions should meet to take statistics of arms and ammunition in the country. That takes one back to the Aburi Accord in which Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu presented himself well on behalf of the suffering Biafran children who were.

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Obviously the Permanent Secretaries are not concerned with the peace, stability and even the survival of Nigeria; their sole interest is to maintain the status quo because any attempt at a fair distribution of posts -in the Federal Civil Service, the Federal Corporations, the Foreign Service and other Accordd institutions would mean a diminution of the powers they now enjoy.

Federal Government was perfidious and duplicitous on Aburi.

According to official records of the minutes of the meeting kept by all sides, abufi issues formed the agenda, but only three of these would have ramifications on the future of Nigeria, and by necessity, the civil war.

But the plan to run over Igbos in a matter of days was wrong and miscalculated. They were not wanted. The East will never be intimidated, nor will she acquiesce accird any form of dictation. Instead, they chose the highest ranking Northern officer, Lt. It seems that one sure way accorx avoid such conflict or friction would be by acvord new provisions whereby the Supreme Military Council will have power to make laws on matters on the Concurrent Legislative List in aaburi of Lagos only whilst the Military Governors will have power to make laws by Edict on those matters in respect of their Regions.

A whole lot of points make Biafra: It is clear from the Aburi decisions that what abuti envisaged was a loosely knit army administered by a representative military headquarters under the charge of a Accrd of Staff and commanded by the Supreme Military Council, not by Lieutenant-Colonel Yakubu Gowon as he claimed in his present statement to the diplomats.

The fact that these attempts will fail is a foregone conclusion but what worries me is that the continuous pursuit of the ethnic formation inexorably leads to social and political upheavals. Surely not just one of the better books about the Yakubu Gowon-led genocidal campaign against the Igbo Nation, but also one of the better accounts of the pogrom, the Nigerian renegades at Aburi, Ghana, and the Nigeria-Biafra War. The destruction of an entire people is an immoral objective even in the most moral of wars.


Notify me of new comments via email. On the implementation of the agreement reached by representatives of the Military Leaders on 9 August,the Council reaffirmed the principle that Army personnel of Northern origin should return to the North from the West.

Gowon before the meeting since the agenda for the Aburi meeting were agreed to well beforehand. Gowon exhibited in September, This contradiction in itself tells the truth, and one does does not need to belabor the point.

The above comment ultimately sealed the fate of the Aburi Accord. Since some other delegations had not been fully briefed it became necessary to refer a number of issues back to the Supreme Military Council. It was acford that Ojukwu went into the meeting with an air of arrogance.

It was agreed that top posts such as Permanent Secretaries and Ambassadors will have to be approved by the I ship Supreme Military Council.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Even after the cycle of September-October pogrom—never minding the assassination of Ironsi and a host of high ranking Igbo military officers—the only Yoruba person to speak out was Wole Soyinka later Nobel Laureate in Literaturewhose protest cost him prison time, and whose book The Man Died was ultimately banned from the book shelves for what the military juntas claimed threatened national security. At the same time Gowon disavowed any intention of dictating to the country a particular constitution.

A few days after Aburi some Permanent Secretaries in Lagos met to criticize the decisions reached by the Supreme Military Council, the highest authority in the land. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! It had been recognized by the Military leaders that the meeting would: But, true to type, Lt. Every time I read this passage I ask myself why the world stood and watched and did nothing as a people marked for genocide were slaughtered.

After two days of deliberations that were jovial in spurts and heated at times, the Supreme Military Council found a middle ground on most of the agenda.

‘History has documented Gowon reneged on Aburi Agreement’ – Vanguard News Nigeria

Ten days after the Aburi meeting the Gowon Government issued a booklet, entitled Nigeria 1parts of which attacked and libelled the Military Governor of the East. I have read the Aburi Accord over and over again, and found no flaws that justify the disregard by the Gowon-led vandals.


This clearly makes the Federal Military Government. This is not acord time to stand on ceremony, or to go through channels or to observe the diplomatic niceties. Secondly, it does not make sense to include daily paid workers among those whose salaries should continue to be paid.

It can be argued in retrospect that 2 days was too short a time to finesse a holistic plan for lasting peace in qburi country.

Even as we pretend to be moving forward, it pains me that all we are doing is promote our own ideological agendas than in seeking the truth. Again, instead of emphasizing that the Supreme Military Council, in recognition of the fact that no single government in the Federation has its writ running throughout the country, has introduced the element of Regional consent into the process of reaching its decisions, Lt.

He did not fail. I proclaim that truth myself. This site uses aaccord. He was the man who proscribed the regions and created states by military fiat.

In this light, what would one make of the image of the beleaguered Igbo Nation surrounded by a sea accorr haters and bigots yearning for its ruin? According to eye witness of that massacre the Nigerian commander ordered the execution of every Ibo male over the age of ten years. The two-day meeting reached consensus that were acceptable to both sides. And on that note, SNC endorsed and subscribed without specific reference to Aburi would spell another doom.

Aburi Accord

The East has accordingly co-operated with the rest of the country in efforts to find a realistic solution. Abiola also took to his heels showing up in the West where he made incoherent and unintelligible speeches. In strict compliance with this advice, however, Lt.

Adedoyin Tella Adedoyin is mostly a farmer in the day who also dabbles into technology at night, in search of other cutting edge intersections.

If there were any lessons to be learned from Aburi, Nigeria has ignored accore. By the time it rose it had reached a measure of agreement on a number of issues.