Define Acrocomia mexicana. Acrocomia mexicana synonyms, Acrocomia mexicana pronunciation, Acrocomia mexicana translation, English dictionary definition. Accepted Scientific Name: Acrocomia aculeata (Jacq.) Lodd. ex Mart. Hist. Nat. Palm. 3: () Mart. Synonyms: Acrocomia mexicana Karw. ex Mart. Production of “vino de coyol” (palm sap wine) from Acrocomia mexicana( Arecaceae) was observed in Honduras. Trees are selected, felled, and tapped by .

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All images copyright of the artists and photographers see images for credits. Arecaceaefamily Arecaceaefamily Palmaceaefamily Palmaepalm familyPalmaceaePalmae – chiefly tropical trees and shrubs and vines usually having a tall columnar trunk bearing a crown of very large leaves; coextensive with the order Palmales. May be confused with Bactris gasipaes: Respiratory system, Sensory system, the root is used for the digestive system, and both the root and stem to make beverages.

Acrocomia mexicana – definition of Acrocomia mexicana by The Free Dictionary

However on closer inspection, the copious spines on most forms, along with the plumose character of the leaves, give its true identity away even to the relatively uninformed. Retrieved from ” https: Its other uses include, Medicinal and Veterinary: This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat The name of this palm karukerana means “Karukera” old Indian name of Guadeloupe.

Wild palms on the island of Grenada – Many of these grow along the riparian zone. Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms.

This page was last modified acrocoia In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. Nevertheless, it is unfortunately now on the verge of extinction as their numbers are reduced.

Cook Acrocomia mexicana Karw. Acrocomia aculeata Acrocomia vinifera Arecaceae coyol coyol palm family Arecaceae family Palmaceae family Palmae feather palm genus Acrocomia gri-gri grugru grugru nut grugru palm macahuba macamba Macaw palm palm family Palmaceae. This page has been accessed 63, times. They are much slower-growing in Mediterranean climates like Southern California, but will thrive with plenty of water. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


This palm is protected by law. One must be careful when planting such a vicious palm. However, xcrocomia makes a much more attractive specimen with adequate water. Espiritu, El Beni, Bolivia. Primera observacion del comportamiento defensivo por muerte simulada de la hormiga Ectatomma ruidum Roger, Formicidae, Ponerinae. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. As a juvenile, with its sharp and plentiful spines, it can present a hazard to children and pets, not to mention, the well caring gardener.

The naturalist on the River Amazons. It is tolerant of many soils and conditions, but will not handle shady locations. Acrcoomia plants inhabit a wide variety acrofomia climates and situations; in Paraguayfor example, where it is acrpcomia, it is called the coco paraguayo Paraguayan msxicanaas it is much less common in the rest of the world.

Acrocomia aculeata close view of leaflet lower surface and spines along leaf rachis. Se recogieron del suelo de un bosque tropical subcaducifolio perturbado con dominancia de Acrocomia mexicana Karwinski ex Mart coyulAttalea cohune Martius coquito de aceiteEnterolobium cyclocarpum Jacq. Spiny inflorescences up to 2 m long are protected by a woody spathe and branched to one order. Stem often becomes smooth with age.

Today, according to who you recognize, there are as few as two. The uses of all parts of this palm would take several paragraphs to list, and would provide interesting reading. Because it has abundant black spines, Acrocomia aculeata is not mexicanq to be confused with Syagrus romanzoffianathe queen palm, but in the landscape the general appearance of the two species is similar. Despite its endemism, this palm has been massively removed from areas where it once grew in abundance, these flat lands of the Great Earth have been largely cleared for the benefit of agriculture, livestock, housing and other human activity.


Male and female flowers are borne on the same inflorescence with female flowers at the base of the branch and male flowers toward the tip. Acrocomia aculeata stem of juvenile palm. The spherical fruits 2.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Acrocomia aculeata is a species of palm native mexicwna tropical regions of the Americasfrom southern Mexico and qcrocomia Caribbean south to Paraguay and northern Argentina. It would almost be an endemic form. It has been suggested that grugru nuts, which come in mass numbers from each tree, can be used in the manufacture of biodiesel. On populations designated under the name Acrocomia karukerana, these seem to have different characteristics from others spines arranged without order on the stem, when they are arranged in regular rings on the stems of Acrocomia aculeata.

Scientific name Acrocomia aculeata Jacq. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Arocomia Policy. The trunk of the palm can also be ‘milked’ to yield a fermented alcoholic beverage known as coyol wine. Both species are spiny, but Acrocomia aculeata is single-stemmed, while Bactris gasipaes is a multi-stemmed or clustering palm. According to informants in Orlando, Acrocomia can reach 30 feet 10 m tall in about 5 – 10 years.

Pinnateto 3 m long, with linear leaflets spreading mexocana multiple planes.

This wine is made from the latex that oozes from the trunk, after chopping the palm down. Acrocomia aculeata Scientific classification Kingdom: The inside of the seed, qcrocomia called endospermis a dry white filling that has a vaguely sweet taste like coconut when eaten.

Retrieved from ” http: Photograph courtesy of Montgomery Botanical Center http: