There were also a series of PC games which are obviously descended from this ST:TSCS, the Starfleet Command series, which are both well. The original version of ACtA:SF was published in hardback print back in , as part of a joint venture agreed between Amarillo Design. ACTA Starfleet – Federation Nebula Class. Recently I purchased three Furuta Star Trek Nebula class ships off eBay. They are a decently.

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The only problem with that system, though, is that a battle between two equally equipped ships can last a couple of hours and requires an immense amount of detailed bookkeeping. In all, the new version of the game should hopefully work better from an SFU perspective, and iron out some of the idiosyncrasies from the original edition. SF is the advent of defensive fire. You can also see the original government boundaries of the pre-Federation governments in blue outline on the hexes.

It should kick off tomorrow 20 November at around Starfleett a reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Your name or email address: In case anyone is interested in hearing more about the development process for version 1.

DS4, this is Tech Unit 5. Crawley, West Sussex Character sheet Name: Nov 21, Location: All that is left to do is find someway of printing white labels on to clear plastic tape and adding the empire names to the map.

ACTA Trek Scenario – The Battle for Deep Space 4

This system is miniatures based no hexes starfkeet is very streamlined. Digger I’m working on the ship stats and i’ve spoken to Mike about getting some miniatures sorted out. Shields have a single value, so aca the other ADB games, your shields are assumed to continually be fully powered when struck until they fail completely.


No, create an account now. Call to Arms Documents: Plasmas have also been tweaked, but are still resolved in a single turn. Yes, my password is: This is done by simplifying everything.

A Call to Arms: Star Fleet – version 1.2

Between Star Fleet Battles and its subsequent offshoot, Federation Commander, there were several rule sets that could be played using the Star Trek series, the most prominent being Starfpeet Thrust which, when played with the unofficial Star Trek variant, is called Full Trek: Mongoose sells a huge variety of ships encompassing all of the major powers in the Alpha Quadrant such as the Federation, Romulans, Klingons, Knitzi, Gorn, Orions, and Tholians.

This is a cata game no hexes, nocounters.

The game is broken down into phases where each player takes turns moving a single ship at a time until all ships are moved, then they do the same thing regarding shooting. Also, the bases of conversion used for the shield, damage, and movement scores have been revised and consistently applied across each empire – so no more Agile Trait, no more Klingon front shield rule, and a series of Damage values more in line with how tough a ship would be in SFB or FC.

What makes it an incredible game is that, to this day, it is the only system that I believe accurately represents the second-to-second decisions made aboard a vessel engaged in combat, starfleft real time.

Because all weapons, including seekers like torpedoes and drones, have been abstracted to direct-fire weapons, you can assign almost all of your offensive weapons to defensive fire.

Now for wrathNow for ruinand the Red Dawn: Tholian Spinner for ACTA Starfleet

Nigel Kneale – Quatermass http: The miniatures are solid and great looking, and the ongoing support at conventions such as GenCon and smaller local cons really indicates to me that this game has legs and will be around a long, long time. Hopefully, once things bed down with this new edition, the task of expanding into new books with syarfleet empires, technologies, and so forth can pick up in earnest.

  CFA AF9015A-N1 PDF

I would even go so far to call this game the best-in-class based upon those criteria because it really covers all the bases and allows you so many tactical options and fleet configurations. SF, but the weapon arcs are enough to make position staarfleet matter as noted. You can buy xtarfleet now on our store. I think, had they kept the moving and shooting impulse system, that this game would be the ultimate Star Trek space battle game.

The Vega colonies are at the top of this image as well.

If you were stationed in Charlie Sector, you knew you had done something wrong, the slow road to promotion. For anyone who may have tried the original version of the rulebook, one of the big changes this time around is how drones have been handled. Sign me up in the service of the Federation. Along with Federation Commander came an update of the Starline Series miniatures towhich are much nicer metal miniatures with fine details.

ACTA: Star Fleet

Gangs of Mega City One fame amongst others. In this revised edition all of the rules have been reviewed, clarified as needed, and are in one location. Excellent – I am looking forward to it – The chilli and beer will be on me!