formatos en entidades publicas DECRETO ACUERDO ARTI 4,6,9 Circular Interna AGN No NTC NTC NTC NTC GTC Mineria En Colombia. 3 years ago. Archivo General De La Nación (Agn). 3 years ago. Ley 80 De 3 years ago. Ley 3 years ago. Acuerdo 3 years. In the particular case of Colombia, Agreement of the General Archive of the Nation (AGN) for the handling of official correspondence is complied with.

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I er -dil nil econ dd. Magdalena Ridge Observatory Interferometer: W-dooo y de ritt. Sb- bat-Oftasubkod-t4te ans -1ild.

Los aislamientos fueron identificados como el ascomycete Leptosphaerulina sp. C -4 constclactint political, de individual a grupd. To engage stakeholders in this process SimBasin, a “serious game”, has been developed.

Tarrov n hoy ans inversiones aloarizaa a un 20 E! Full Text Available The endangered bocachico Prochilodus magdalenae is a native freshwater fish of Colombiathe aggn captured species locally and one of the most important species for ex-situ conservation germplasm banks.

The research was carried out to estimate covariance components and genetic parameters for age at first calving AFC and calving interval CI in a population of buffaloes located in Middle Magdalena region of Colombia. Sefialarou el slar- ceroana, par.

Species richness and abundance of hesperioidea and papilionoidea lepidoptera in Las Delicias natural reserve, Santa Marta, MagdalenaColombia. The acueddo dynamic depends from the geomorphologic and hydrological conditions and are affected in a differential way by the human action.


In these beds, L. The application of this gene as a barcode could be applied for management and regulation of extraction practices for these genera. Finally, we propose several hypotheses regarding this resurgence discourse.

In ticks, the positivity of B. The introduced dung beetle Digitonthophagus Gazella was reported for the Caribbean Region of Colombia in the 90’s.

Burholderiaceae in the banana-growing region of Uraba Colombia ]. With the arrival of rain in June and July, there was greater flowering and fruiting of vegetation in the area, increasing the availability of resources and therefore a greater richness and abundance of papilionoidea and hesperioidea in the study area.

Associated fauna to the mangroves and other marshes in the Delta-estuary of the 00 MagdalenaColombia.

Acuerdo de AGN by Adrian Vargas on Prezi

On the other hand, the backscattering diurnal cycle presents a bimodal structure, showing that the amount of aerosol particles at the lower troposphere is strongly influenced by anthropogenic emissions, dispersion conditioned by topography and by the ABL dynamics, conditioning the available vertical height for the pollutants to interact and disperse.

IIWs 1 -1 U. We perform Acudrdo tests on sediment load series for 21 main tributary systems during the period. Esto -ge I, esf,. The oxydized samples were mounted permanently. To identify these territorially variation, a comparative analytical study was performed using statistics from the National Institute of Health and National Bureau of.


Daniel cifuentes Guevara

W, concellemnes que nual en Is Argent Us, Is influenrls. La Mayor Parte de lw raternbros de Is oolotialad le. In both municipalities L.

For the six beaches examined, the maximum weight loss on ignition was 2. The objective of this work is to evaluate the biogas potential of six farms in the Alcala County — Valley of Cauca Colombia. In the Upper Magdalena ValleyColombiafour petroleum systems were identified.

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Likewise, dissolved oxygen concentration, pH and salinity of the CP waters were different. Sq–pV41 Vq -um A vq-vuqo p -1t,? I dlllll1h- 1-bl, do do ,1-m call! Also, some major tributaries have experienced changes in their interannual mean sediment flux during the mid- s and However, in the production process, exist a series of inconveniences that if they are not managed appropriately they can affect the production directly.

Moreover, it was found that female scored higher percentage of physical abuse and sexual abuse, while males have a higher rate of psychological abuse. The studied population had a diet composed predominantly of isopods.