Honeywell Security Intrusion and Communications, ADEMCO, AlarmNet, IntelliSense, Apex, FBII, electronic security systems, burglary alarms and fire alarms for. Installation manual for the Honeywell wireless three-zone sensor. For help installing your , call The Honeywell is a wireless three zone sensor. Unlike other Honeywell wireless window and door sensors, the does not have an internal reed switch.

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Seller’s obligation shall be limited to repairing or replacing, at its axemco, free of charge for materials or labor, any product s which is proved not in compliance with Seller’s specifications or proves defective in materials or workmanship under normal use and service. Seller shall 5187 no obligation under this Limited Warranty or otherwise if the product s is altered or improperly repaired or serviced by anyone other than Honeywell factory service.

Seller does not represent that the product s it sells may not be compromised or circumvented; that the product s will prevent any personal injury or property loss 517 burglary, robbery, fire or otherwise; or that the product s will in all cases provide adequate warning or protection. Customer understands that a properly installed and maintained alarm system may only reduce the risk of a burglary, robbery, fireor other events occurring without providing an alarm, but it aeemco not insurance or a guarantee that such will not occur or that there will be no personal injury or property loss as a result.

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This warranty replaces any previous warranties and is the only warranty made by Seller on this product s.

Honeywell ADEMCO 3 Point Wireless Transmiter | eBay

No increase or alteration, written or verbal, of the obligations of this Limited 58177 is authorized. The Multi-Point Universal Transmitter may have three contact loops connected to it.

Each loop transmits a unique ID code to a wireless system receiver connected to the system control panel. The Primary Loop has several DIP switch selectable options that determine its connection requirements, response, and transmission characteristics see DIP switch setting table on next page.

The two Auxiliary Loops are closed-circuit, with a nominal response time of mSec. For UL installations, no contact in any of the daemco may be more than 3 feet from the transmitter.

Honeywell ADEMCO 5817 User Manual

A built-in cover tamper switch is activated when the cover is removed. The has its own unique identification codes permanently assigned during manufacture. It is not necessary to program the transmitter IDs during installation.

The should be treated as “RF” i. Mounting For proper orientation of the unit in relation to its wall mounting plate and the loop wiring, read all of this section before installing the unit.

The description that follows assumes that the unit will be mounted as shown in the diagrams. The unit may, however, be installed ademfo any direction, as long as the relationship of the unit to its mounting plate is maintained.


Although two holes are provided in the unit that would permit mounting directly to a surface holes “A” in Diagram 2it is recommended that the mounting plate be used, as described below, for ease in removing the unit for servicing should it become necessary.

Honeywell ADEMCO 5817 3 Point Wireless Transmiter

When a satisfactory location is found, remove the battery and proceed with installation. The open slot at the other end of the unit cannot be used as a cover pry-off.

Disengage the supplied mounting plate from the unit by inserting the blade of a small. For this application, the alignment guide strip along one edge of the plate serves no function and may be broken away, if desired. Disengage the supplied mounting plate from the unit by inserting the blade of a small screwdriver into the locking tab release window see Diagram 2 and pressing it against the case locking tab see Diagram 1 while sliding the plate downward along the case back.

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