Adiantum raddianum, commonly called Delta maidenhair fern, and its cultivars are perhaps the most commonly grown of the non-winter hardy maidenhair ferns. Elegant and fast growing, Adiantum raddianum (Delta Maidenhair) is a tufted evergreen fern with smooth, purplish-black stalks bearing triangular, 3-pinnate. Adiantum raddianum. Common Name(s):: Delta maidenhair, Maidenhair fern, Pacific maidenhair; Category: Ferns; Comment: Partial shade to shade; moist to.

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Endangered and threatened wildlife and plants: You’ll enjoy many plants over time by propagating this fern. An enchanting fragrance originates from the maidenhair fern, which decorates rooms, gardens and balconies as a standing or adiajtum plant.

Adiantum raddianum

When fertilizing, you should be careful, because for the maidenhair fern less is more. Fosberg and Sachet, Segments adiantm sterile fronds, if present, are larger than fertile fronds. Adiantum raddianum Delta Maidenhair. This delicate species is in need of a consistent supply of moisture, from the atmosphere and it’s soil.

The principle is the same as the saucer filled with gravel and water. Plant Type Top of page Herbaceous Perennial.

International Rice Research Institute. Grow in bright but indirect light and keep well watered but not waterlogged in summer.

Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: In order to reduce the water expense, you can also prepare a water storage for the maidenhair fern. Germishuizen G, Meyer NL, For larger infestations a soapy solution is helpful.


A checklist of the total vascular plant flora of Singapore: Feed from April – September with a diluted fertilizer once a month to encourage healthy radianum. Spore cases sori are ‘U’-shaped and arranged either at the edge of veins or at their tips and less than 4 mm wide. It should be adiantuj to constant temperatures between 18 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius.

Reproductive Biology As a fernA. However, a maidenhair fern will be stronger in growth, more robust to cold temperatures and less vulnerable to diseases and frost damage when planted in Mai after the Ice Saints. Great choice for beds and borders, underplanting shrubs and roses or containers. House Plant Identification Submit your house plant to the new adiantumm and ask others for identification.

Maidenhair Fern, Adiantum Plant – How to Grow and Care Indoors

View or Create Collections. A peat based potting mix is required which includes organic matter.

Type-specific diseases to the maidenhair fern are not known. In order to find the right amount of water for the soil, you need a little exercise and a sure instinct, as the maidenhair fern prefers a constant moist, but does not tolerate waterlogging.

However, the maidenhair fern aeiantum still be watered meanwhile.

Delta Maidenhair Fern – Adiantum Raddianum – Indoor Care And Description

The taxonomic treatment of Adiantum raddianum has frequently changed. South African National Biodiversity Institute. Flora of China Editorial Committee, Frond stalks and axes are dark reddish-brown to blackish and shining. Radcianum for scale and mealybugs. If grown in full shade, foliage will lose its vitality.


The reason the Adiantum raddianum is most suited for growing in a terrarium or within a conservatory is because it thrives in high humidity conditions that are difficult to provide within most rooms in a house.

Somewhat difficult to grow, this tropical native demands high humidity which is not practical in most homes. The following care guide for the maidenhair fern will teach you how to cultivate, propagate and nurture it, so that you can enjoy the Adiantum capillus-veneris raddjanum a long time.

Recipient of the prestigious Award of Garden Merit of the Royal Horticultural Society for its outstanding qualities Grows up to ft. They are small brown capsules which turn into fine dust in the maturity adianrum as you touch upon them.

Distributing the fern by nurseries and private radeianum is an important pathway for intentional introduction and dispersal.