Revision of Army Technical Manual /NAVFAC P/AFR , Force Manual (AFM) (TM ) (Department of the Air Force, ). manual TM , NAVFAC P, and AFM 88 This document generally has the most conservative criteria. It has been updated recently with some. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Summary of Changes and Availability of the Revised TM NAVFAC P, AFM “Design of Structures to.

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Utility tunnels Utility tunnels will be provided for mechanical systems where a number of systems follow the same general alignment.

Silos, bins, and bunkers.

Army Publishing Directorate

Design methods and 888-22 will be as appropriate for the material used for the supporting structure. If confronted with the need for structures such as these, the agency providing the design will obtain relevant references and identify the appropriate specialty consultants 888-22 assist in the design. Storage of corrosive solutions and the effects of temperature in conjunction with corrosive solutions will be considerations in selecting tank materials.

Where the design of a particular structure or of a special case is not covered, the design approach and technical formulas will be based on available technical literature or will be carefully formulated. Particular attention will be given to wind, seismic, dynamic, and fatigue loads on cablesupported structures and other similar force-oscillating structures.

afm 88 22 pdf – P(2) –

Other materials will be considered subject to acceptance by the appropriate headquarters provided any special requirements such as bedding, etc. Information describing any new load-tested materials or systems determined necessary, advantageous, and economical will be submitted for approval to appropriate headquarters. Design loads will include considerations of vertical live load, berthing forces, mooring loads, wave loadings, ice forces, as well as seismic and other forces as appropriate.

Developments Between the 15th and 18th. Usually, the best way to drain masonry is to put weep holes where they will not adversely affect member strength. For design of structures associated with power plants, see applicable portions of TM In addition to maximum loadings, stacks will be designed to resist the effects of vortex shedding or fluttering caused by steady wind. Site wave studies will be performed to determine the effect of wave action on structures.


Reprint or republications of this manual should include a credit substantially as follows: Rigid connectors include roughened and adhered surfaces and structural shapes. Dockside Utilities for Ship Service.

Design of prestressed concrete tanks will be in accordance with ACT R. Design of structures to resist the effects of conventional weapons will be in accordance with TMand design of facilities to resist the effects of nuclear weapons will be in accordance with TMTMTMTMTM and TM Among the concerns associated with structural plastics are fire resistance characteristics and properties which generally do not conform to military fire protection criteria.

The concrete mixture will be of maximum density and minimum shrinkage, especially with regard to longtune shrinkage and expansion which may be caused by alternate wetting and drying. Submarine pipelines will be aafm designed and anchored against undersea current and underwater tow. Selection of materials of construction for tanks in which liquids are to be stored will 8822 the environmental conditions to which the tank will be exposed as well as the properties of the liquid being stored.

Cover Image: Phys. Rev. Lett. Vol. 88, Iss. 22

Design of other types of manhole construction will be in accordance with applicable codes covering that type of construction. For bridges or 88-22 exposed to corrosive chemicals or deicing salt, epoxy coated reinforcing bar, a densely mixed overlay, or both will be provided to prevent corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Structural Design for Buildings-Materials. Design requirements for aluminum materials will be in accordance with paragraph 22a.

Wherever possible, standard, easy-to-get materials will be specified. In mine explosions, as in Required three edge bearing strength will be determined in consideration of class of bedding and applicable load factor as set forth in Foundation Engineering by Leonards. Fiber Afk Concrete Properties and Applications. Steel stack allowable stresses. Intake and discharge structures. Much of the blast and fragment technology developed for.


Water Treatment Plant Design. Cantilever structures are those which interact with the surrounding earth through flexural bending in such a way that a portion of the earth mass is brought into play in resisting the forces imposed on the structure.

In this interest, design of concrete structures will be in accordance with the recommendations of ACI R.


For a general discussion of considerations such as material selection, service life, etc. Gravity structures are those which rely solely on their own weight to maintain stability.

Where possible, the flexibility of the support structure will be considered to wfm the need for slide bearings or similar construction. Epoxy coated reinforcing bars and densely mixed concrete overlays are considered the most effective methods and are approved by the Sfm Highway Administration.

In addition, the design will consider the effects of elevated temperature which can reduce the yield point and other mechanical properties of steel. In general, requirements for materials used in structures other than buildings will be in accordance with paragraph a unless prior approval is obtained from the appropriate headquarters.

Ferry Terminals and Small Craft. Gas and air conveyances Gas and air conveyances, particularly for hot gases, will be designed to meet fire protection requirements including National Fire Protection Association NFPA Allowable stresses will be in accordance with table Among the standards which should be consulted when afj design of pipeline systems are the following: Substation structures and equipment.

In general, inherently corrosion-resistant materials acm be selected for buried tanks although steel tanks will be acceptable if properly protected against corrosion.

Basins and similar construction.