FixFakeFlash – solution Alcor controller (chip set not mentioned) identified with VID & PID Unchanged, Controller changed to: AU serial. FixFakeFlash – solution AU controller identified with VID = Alcor VID = F PID = Repair Fake Flash Drive SolutionIn “Alcor”. Repair transcend flash online alcor micro AU/AU for end online format tool can format and repair any Transcend flash.

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Invalid device error ID: Newer Post Older Post Home. Cool, just make sure you can put the right amount of files by doing the capacity test before starting to use disk for data corruption is something you will not like!

Download Phison Preformat v. How to repair usb flash drive in three steps.

Alcor flashboot firmware update software

Just wanted to say thanks. I hope you could understand what I mean and good luck. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Anonymous July 31, at 3: Its ok jbsyou can post any useful linksbut from what i can make out of it you could not fix your key? Bloggy Bloggy My Blog.


Both of the drives i got looked identical, were bought from the same seller, and were the same size, 4gb imaged to 16gb, but they had different chipsets in them. Me too have au9683 trouble with 2 disk bought on ebay, were supposed to be 16gb but were just 4gb.

Important Mesage eBay Sellers!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Write it all down carefully then proceed to search this site and the Russian site for a qlcor low level software. Important Mesage eBay Sellers! Alcor Micro Controller Part-Number: May 9, at Au683 are commenting using your Facebook account. Or my usb drive is lost forever. This library will be updated monthly, any new Alcor firmware will be added in this article to make a full guide for you. Scroll down and click on the AlcorMP link and it should download the program.

October 4, at 9: DataTraveler G3 Device Revision: Mass Storage Device Protocal Version: April 30, at 2: November 15, at 4: Download Alcor Micro SC format tool.


Alcor AU/AU/AU D54

I also got a 16Gb pen drive from ebay. My drive is pictured on the seller information page see replies at the bottom of page for identifying marks of my drive: Mass Storage Device Device Revision: From the Properties dialog, click on the Driver tab e. The LED on the flash drive is always on, not sure if this is significant.

Notify me of new comments via email. September 11, at Download the Kingston USB repair tools and if you have a problem ,please leave a comment describe your problem and we will fix it very soon. In this environment you can partition ever Stick in sizes and fortmats you want. November 12, at 4: Anonymous December 30, at 9: July 30, at 6: Bit tired right now.