Eyeless in Gaza, novel of ideas by Aldous Huxley, published in This semiautobiographical novel criticizes the dearth of spiritual values in contemporary. Structure and Meaning in Aldous Huxley’s. Eyeless in Gaza. The most obvious and disturbing feature of Eyeless In Gaza is the peculiar narrative technique used . One of Brave New World author Aldous Huxley’s finest and most personal novels, now back in print in a Harper Perennial Modern Classics edition, Eyeless in.

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Eyeless in Gaza

Having read ‘The Doors of Perception-Heaven and Hell’, ‘Brave New World’ and ‘Island’ all those years ago, it has been a joy to akdous to this masters writing and still find it exquisite. He so believes in a pure, ideal version of love that he thinks any physical expressions of that love will tarnish it. It is a serious book written brilliantly. Trivia About Eyeless in Gaza. But by the end he does so with such vehemence it’s as if you’re reading a different book altogether.

Early on Huxley’s main character, who is no doubt based on himself, states: This book delves into and dissects both social issues and conflicts of the human eyelwss through engaging dialogue and monologues. Aug 19, Anita rated it it was amazing. Keep Exploring Britannica Bob Dylan. Written in the lead up to WW2, context plays a big part, and the philosophy of pacifism is especially poignant. The literature of World War I and the interwar period.

And even though he lived much of his life outside England.

eyelesa These two emotions that the author masterfully makes fun of and yet doesn’t succeed in completely avoiding sometimes felt out of place! Pe linga faptul ca e asa mai intelectuala de felul ei, cartea e sc Roman de idei, foarte concentrat dpdv intelectual, nu foarte lejer pentru neuronii mei.


Dec 31, Bob Newman rated it really liked it. Miller is an intriguing, semi-prophetic character who speaks didactically in almost parabolic language; short sentences, lots of repetition, sweeping, unqualified observations that challenge conventional wisdom or seem unrelated to the topic at hand.

Nov 30, Mira rated it it was ok Shelves: The most prominent of these are accompanied by two of the most repulsive descriptions in modern literature. But there is the empirical fact that contemplation of the divinity – wyeless goodness in the its most unqualified form – is a method of realizing that goodness to some degree in one’s own life.

Though I had no idea what the title meant, I found a strong character study of an indecisive man, a flawed character whose weaknesses lead directly to the demise of his best friend. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Feb 14, Lavinia rated it really liked it Shelves: Bullying recalcitrant words to assume a certain pattern. There’s a sense in which people in a hall aren’t concrete.

How can you be more severe than that?

Eyeless in Gaza by Aldous Huxley

In nonchronological fashion the novel covers more than 30 years in the lives of a group of upper-middle-class English friends, especially Anthony Beavis and his longtime married lover, Helen. The writing is, most of the time, quite brilliant.

For me eywless tended to be too long and to contribute to the heavy handed preachiness of this novel. Peace from pride and hatred and anger, peace from cravings and aversions, peace from all the separating frenzies.

Anthony, Helen, Brian, and Mary Amberley began to haunt my paintings and my songs that summer before Sophomore year. Eyeless in Gaza Aldous Huxley. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: This young woman who had stood in a garden at the turn of the century was like a ghost at cock-crow.


Both end up emotionally retarded in very different ways but with the ultimate consequences that they are broadly unsuited to meaningful relationships. What impressed me the most was the fact that this book manages to be so many things at once. Huxley treads the line of being m I was very surprised by Eyeless in Gaza.

Whereas what I was trying to do was to avoid occasions for emphasizing individual separateness through sensuality. The writer has an assumption that his reader is also well read huxlet a deep thinker. This designation could stem from the time in my life when I read it, or my love for the characters- but more definitely it has grown- from the way the characters have traveled with me through my journey to realization as an adult. When Nietzsche Wept Irvin D.

And again, his predictions of the rise of the Fascists in Hitler and Mussolini are chillingly close. Hate, anger, ambition explicitly deny human unity; lust and greed do the same indirectly and by implication – by insisting exclusively on particular individual experiences and in the case of lust, using other people merely as a means for obtaining such experiences Initially, I felt so sorry for the poor boy left with only his peculiar, unemotional father after the death of huuxley mother.

Huxley decries such a chasm between real life and cloistered academicism, a split viewed in several characters. And so on, indefinitely.