ALESIS. A6 Andromeda (A6). Service Manual. P/N: C. The information in this document contains privileged and confidential information. It is intended. To update the operating system software of your Alesis A6 Andromeda, please follow these instructions. Updating the OS is a very simple and. View and Download Alesis ANDROMEDA A6 reference manual online. Voice Real Analog Synthesizer. ANDROMEDA A6 Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. Overview of the Andromeda A Post Filter Mix Overview Contents To copy a Mix Channel from another Mix This symbol warns the user of uninsulated voltage within the unit that can cause dangerous alesia shocks.

Important Safety Instructions Use only with a cart, stand, bracket, or table designed for use with professional audio or music equipment. In any installation, make sure that injury or damage will not result from cables pulling on the apparatus and its mounting.

Alesis Andromeda

Halten Sie sich an die Anleitung. Beachten Sie alle Warnungen. Beachten Sie alle Hinweise. Verwenden Sie zur Reinigung nur ein weiches Tuch. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

Then I was introduced to the Andromeda A6. Aleais way, anyone who is new to this type of instrument can read through the book from front to back and get the most basic information first. The manual progressively deals with more complex topics as you read through to the end.



Technical — The Appendices The appendices at the end of the A6 Reference Manual provide concise information about the instrument from a technical perspective: Appendix A is a complete reference that documents every function in the unit. Appendix B is glossary of common terms we use throughout the manual. Appendix C provides troubleshooting assistance and covers the majority of common problems you might incur while using the A6.

Voice A synthesizer voice is the most basic component of a synthesizer that produces sound. This is simply an adjustment of the parameter by a fixed amount Default When the A6 is shipped from the factory, each of its parameters has a pre-assigned value called a default.

Introduction simply an electronic pulse. Using the keyboard as in the above example, a gate signal is active for the time that a key is held down; An amp with a full- range speaker will also suffice, as will a stereo music system with external audio inputs. If you intend to use the A6 as the master controller in your rig, plug a standard other end of this cable should plug into the slave in the system.

Getting Started As a Slave: If you’ve jumped the gun and played a few chords, you probably heard that the unit was way out of tune. You can simply listen to these sounds and find out more about them later.

When playing the A6, the instrument operates in one of two play modes: Program mode and Mix mode. Possibly the best way to get acquainted with the A6 is to dig in and start playing.


Feel free to skip around this Chapter if you need to get specific information quickly. The A6 is designed to make editing as easy and as quick as possible: This concept holds true in all modes: All of the operations of the A6 are grouped into laesis operating modes: Program mode, Mix mode and Global mode.


Unlike Preset banks in many other synths, the A6’s Preset banks can be customized by the user, but only as an Entire Bank copy operation.

But there are two soft buttons — active. Program mode or Mix mode. One method of selecting Programs or Mixes is using the row of direct-select buttons just above the Ribbon Controller. The following table summarizes the Program mode parameters: Playing the A6 The pages unique to Mix mode are follows: Manua parameters on this page determine whether or not the displayed controllers affect the currently selected Mix Channel.

This is where mode comes in. This way, if you want to store a Program or Mix to another memory location, you can see in advance which Program or Mix will be overwritten. The show you the size and type of card currently in the memory slot on the rear panel.

Aledis make sure that the A6 is in Mix mode: This is accomplished by assigning the same keyboard range to both Mix Channels. You can refer to page 68 for the physical and electrical specifications of the types of pedals that are compatible with the A6.

You need to auto-tune the A6 after you first turn it on and should do it again after it warms up about 15 minutes. Separate keyboard settings are available alsis each mode. To set the transpose amount, hold down the button, then press a key.

When on, the LED will light. This term refers to how gliding notes accelerate speed up or decelerate slow down as each voice approaches its target note: Please note mxnual, unlike most of the other is the only Portamento parameter that can be modulated. Manul Pitch wheel on the left is a spring-loaded wheel that snaps back to its center or neutral position when released, and is normally used for pitch bend.

Playing the A6 Pedals and Footswitches Its seems as if anything plugged into an instrument that you step on is called a pedal. Majual global sync we mean that any A6 function that relies on tempo can get its timing from alesie Clock. Use selected mod source. Using this button to enter the Sequencer edit mode allows you to examine the current settings without making any changes. When is selected on the sequencer will use this value for the tempo. This setting is independent of any or Sequencer, and is only effective when the Arpeggiator is set to The huge popularity and continued development of synths since the late 60s is due, in great part, to this ability to offer so many different types of andromefa textures in one box.

Basics of Analog Synthesis For both pitched and non-pitched sounds, there are two key elements of sound that we will be working with when creating or editing Programs on the A6. First, we need to consider what makes up a sound wave: Second, we need to know that sound changes over a period of time, which can be a mere fraction of a second to Basics of Analog Synthesis mechanical sounds.

Clever use of aperiodic waves, often in combination with periodic waveforms, have resulted in sounds that closely resemble drums, cymbals and mznual. The A6 provides two of these non-cyclical sound sources called Random and Noise.


Basics of Analog Synthesis Harmonics, like other periodic waves, have frequency and amplitude. Their manusl are also based on the loudness of amnual fundamental: Basics of Analog Synthesis LFOs In addition to loudness maunal brightness dynamics, everyday sounds are often enhanced with repeating, patterned fluctuations we recognize as vibrato.

In one of its more expressive applications, a singer often adds vibrato at the end of a sustained note. As the keyboard is played, low notes output low frequencies from the oscillators and high notes play high frequencies.

Similarly, the filters can be scaled as well. Basics of Analog Synthesis 5. The keyboard is also responsible for gating the envelopes. In essence, this is really what causes the synthesizer to make a sound. Sustain pedal control is typically routed to the Release portion of aledis envelopes: This is a credit-card-sized memory module that adds additional Program and Mix memory for you to store your own creations in addition to the User bank. Filters of either Voice 15 or Voice 16 or both for stereoor a mono signal to all Voices.

As in the early days Most obvious is its 5-octave C-to-C semi-weighted keyboard that responds to velocity and aftertouch. It can be played normally with one Program across all keys, or can be split so that one Program plays from the lower range of keys and a second Program plays from the upper range.

The digital effects built into the A6 employ the same state-of-the-art technology as the laesis products Alesis is known for. The extensive list of effects is programmable not only for each Program but for each Mix as well. This gives you the freedom to set up effects sets that work well for a single Programs, then create other effects sets that are appropriate for split or layered Mixes. Andromeda A6 Overview in this section on page They are fed by the For each knob, its lowest frequency position is fully mannual clockwise.

The A6 provides each oscillator with several pre-routed and three custom modulations. Oscillators and Filters Since there is only one front panel knob for the selection of which oscillators were affected by turning the This way you can have one oscillator set to a constant value while the other would be controlled by the ENV1 AMOUNT both oscillators.

The abbreviation for frequency modulation, FM can be easily confused with other forms of frequency modulation such as an LFO providing vibrato or trills by modulating the frequency of the VCOs. You can always mix it in later, but for now you should turn the clockwise. Oscillators and Filters Soft buttons through respective modulations.

Soft buttons buttons in the VCO sections and display their respective pages when pressed. There may be times when you need the tuning of two VCOs to be locked to each other. Oscillators and Filters playing high notes or low notes affects the brightness, or if anromeda want the brightness level to be modulated by, say, an LFO or two or controlled by the performance wheels.