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50169 – Systematic Comparative Veterinary Anatomy II

At the end of the planned practical lessons, students will have the opportunity to make revisions of organs before the exams. In the third part, that is devoted to histology, the teacher provides knowledge on structural and functional characteristics of the various tissues and on the techniques and equipment necessary for the preparation of histological slides and their analysis.

Practical activity on dog and cat cadavers: Il Cavallovol. Macroscopic anatomy and topography of the large intestine. Students will put into practice the knowledge learned in class during practice sessions in microscopy and dissecting room.

Anatomia comparata dei mammiferi domestici

The first part of the course describes the aims of anatomy and the adequate anatomical terminology. Pharmacology, toxicology and chemotherapy.

Adhesion belt, Desmosomes, Hemidesmosomes and Focal adhesions; Communicating junctions. Miller’s Anatomy of the Dog. Anatomia Comparata dei Mammiferi domestici, Edagricole, Bologna: The module aims to enable the student to know and understand the concepts of cytology, histology and embryology and to acquire the knowledge for the recognition of the various tissues by light microscopy.


Intestinal villi, intestinal and duodenal glands 3 hours.

Technical procedure for paraffin embedded histology. Identification of the aorta and the quarries 1 hour. I e II Educational anatomka To know: Solid cell cord gland, Follicular gland, diffuse cells gland. Instruments and methods for cell and tissue observation and study. Anatomy of the Horse: Descriptive and topographic anatomy of the heart and blood vessels.

Oral cavity and esophagus 1 hour Liver 1 wnatomia Rumen, reticulum, omasum and glandular stomach 3 hours Small and large intestine 2 hours -Respiratory apparatus Nasal, rhinopharyngeal and laryngeal cavities 2 hours Trachea and lungs 2 hours -Male and female genital mammideri Testicle 0.

At the end of the course, students should be able to know morphological microscopic and macroscopic features of the digestive, genitourinary, and endocrine systems and the organization of the nervous system of the domestic mammals; the student should be able to recognize the main anatomical differences among species. Arrangements for academic guidance Learning services and facilities Part-time employment for students Language courses Facilities for special needs students Certification of disabilities Sport facilities Insurance Financial support for students Students associations.

The student must be able to recognize a histologic sections of the aglandular stomachs and distinguish them from those of other organs. All the observation and dissection were made by the students under the supervision of the teacher. Fluid Ground Substance Connective Tissue. Students will be divided in ma,miferi and there dokestici be tutorials. Structural characteristics of ruminant organs and apparatus, compared to those of horses as described in the General Anatomy.

Anatomia comparata dei mammiferi domestici – Robert Barone – Google Books

Anatomia e fisiologia degli animali domestici. Macroscopic structure and microscopic lymph node 2 hours. Pelvic girdle skeleton 1 hour. Indication of textbooks, of the methods for carrying out practical lessons and examinations 2 hours. Renal pelvis, ureter, bladder, urethra 2 hours. In addition to understanding the dynamics of development from gametogenesis to the formation of the embryonic three germ layers, changes in the birth of the fetal circulation, the dynamics of the formation of ckmparata fetal membranes and placentation in animals of veterinary interest.

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Glandular Epithelium Exocrine glands: Sono presenti servizi di terze parti Aantomia, Twitter e Google che potrebbero utilizzare cookie di profilazione.

The practical test consist on the recognition of tissues within an histological slide by the optical microscope and produce a short written with a scheme representing the observed tissue The oral examination is based on the discussion of the written scheme from the practical test and on the answers to 3 questions, one for each part of the course, randomly identified by the computer.

La cellula un approccio molecolare, Piccin, Padova. Wensing “testo di Anatomia domestci Vol.

Anatomy macroscopic, topography of the kidney. Axial skeleton joints 1 hour. The first part of the course dedicated to the cytology treated of the structure of eukaryotic cell.