One such radiopharmaceutical is technetium (tcm), the most widely-used radioisotope in nuclear medicine which decays from its parent radioisotope. produced radioisotopes (so other countries don’t all of the short-lived radioisotopes used in nuclear the reactor shutdown noting: “ANSTO’s radioisotope. Title: Radioisotopes (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, ANSTO), Author: John A. Shanahan, Name: Radioisotopes (Australian Nuclear.

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Single photon emission computerised tomography SPECT is the current major scanning technology to diagnose and monitor a radiosotopes range of medical conditions. Pb has a half-life of In certain cases radiation can be used to treat diseased organs or tumours.

In Australia there are aboutper year,of these using reactor isotopes. In most cases, it is beta radiation which causes the destruction of the damaged cells.

It is an isotope of the artificially-produced element technetium and it has almost ideal characteristics for a nuclear medicine scan, such as with SPECT. TAT using lead is increasingly important for treating pancreatic, ovarian, and melanoma cancers.

These tracers are generally short-lived isotopes linked to chemical compounds which permit specific physiological processes to be scrutinised. These are detected by a PET camera and give very precise indications of their origin.

Used for pain relief in bone cancer. Diagnositic radiopharmaceuticals Every organ in our bodies acts differently from a chemical point of view. Therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals For some medical conditions, it is useful to destroy or weaken malfunctioning cells using radiation.


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Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluorine The chemistry of technetium is so versatile it can form tracers by being incorporated into a range of biologically-active substances that ensure it concentrates in the tissue or organ of interest. Lu is increasingly important as it emits just enough gamma for imaging while the beta radiation does the therapy on small eg endocrine tumours. Cancerous growths are sensitive to damage by radiation.

The low-energy gamma rays it emits easily escape the human body and are accurately detected by a gamma camera. For targeted alpha therapy TATactinium is used, from which the radioissotopes bismuth can be obtained via three alpha decays to label targeting molecules.

National Research Cyclotron | Research Facilities | ANSTO

Five Nobel Laureates have been closely involved with the use of radioactive tracers in medicine. The thyroid, for example, takes up iodine, whilst the radiojsotopes consumes quantities of glucose. They can be given by injection, inhalation, or orally.

Used for pulmonary lung ventilation studies. Produced from Mo in a generator. These are positron emitters used in PET for studying brain physiology and pathology, in particular for localising epileptic focus, and in dementia, psychiatry, and neuropharmacology studies.

As indicated above, most of the world’s supply of Mo for this comes from only five reactors, all of them 49 to 58 years old in mid Medical radioisotopes are described in the next section. As fission proceeds the solution is circulated through an extraction facility to remove the fission products with Mo and then back ravioisotopes the reactor vessel, which is at low temperature and pressure.


Used in gamma radiography, gauging, and commercial medical equipment sterilisation. It is safer and cheaper because it can be done after the item is packaged. Used for the radiosotopes of exchangeable potassium in coronary blood tadioisotopes. Also it called for proposals for an LEU-based supply of Mo for the US market, reaching six-day TBq per week by mid, a quarter of world demand. The alpha decays of Bi and Po are the active ones destroying cancer cells over a couple of hours.

Fission is the most efficient and reliable means of production, but Canada and Japan are developing better accelerator-based techniques. Historically reactor irradiation prices have been too low to attract new investment, and full cost recovery is needed to encourage new infrastructure.

The process will use Areva NP’s patent-pending method of producing radioisotopes using a heavy water nuclear power plant.