Antonius Stradivarius Cremonenfis Faciebat Anno 17 Violin. $ 6 bids. 12 watching. It is missing a string. I see no cracks or repairs. This violin is an antique Antonius Stradivarius model. Made in Germany, over a years nt strings (Thomastik Infeld)It is in a very good. Then she came across a label inside the instrument that said: Antonius Stradivarius Cremonensis; Faciebat Anno “I thought, now is this.

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For Every Stradivarius Violin Discovered, There Are Many Wannabes, Fakes

Henry Hill; Arthur F. Giuseppe worked almost all his life in Stradivari’s shadow, just as his father, the elder Giuseppe filius Andreae did. Stradivari may even have been employed to decorate some of Amati’s instruments, without being a true apprentice.

At that time, the purchaser knew he was buying an inexpensive violin and accepted the label as a reference to its derivation.

The earliest mention of the family name, or a variation upon it, is in a land grant dating from This violin Is handmade and finished by one of our maker Mr.

Members of the Gagliano family such as Gennaro and Nicolo made excellent copies of the instruments in the s, though the only similarity to Stradivari’s instruments were the execution of the form and arching as well as consistently fine and detailed varnish.


This expertise is gained through examination of hundreds or even thousands of instruments, and there is no substitute for an experienced eye. To put this into perspective, six violins were valued at approximately 1, lire.

He had stardivarius great ability to imitate the original varnish and intricacy of the instrument. Browse Related Browse Related. Vintage Antique Old Early s “Franc.

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Basilica of San Domenico, Lombardy [1]. The Smithsonian Institution, as a matter of legal and ethical policy, does not determine the monetary value of musical instruments. Some researchers believe there is a closer educational association between Antonio Stradivari and Francesco Rugeri than has previously been recognized.

The Hottest Wntonius and Games for Christmas ByStradivari had acquired at least a small, yet growing, reputation. An estimated 1 billion people worldwide will tune in to the celebration in Manhattan.

Antonio Stradivari

About of these instruments survive today. The Lyon and Healy Collection: Their production dates back to the 17th and 18th century, but like good wine, Stradivarius violins get better with age.

Stradivari married his second wife, Antonia Maria Zambelli, on 24 August As people rediscover these instruments today, the knowledge of where they came from is lost, and the labels can be misleading. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Antonio Stradivari. Lutgendorff, Willibald Leo, Freiherr von.

The term Stradivarius refers to several types of string instruments, including violas and cellos. Frank Sinatra and the Art of Recording. Inunder unknown circumstances, Giuseppe Guarneri borrowed 1, lire from Stradivari and later defaulted on the loan.


Archived from the original on 9 November By using ahtonius site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It has some scratches but the integrity of the wood is good In the interests of conservation, the Messiah Stradivarius violin—on display in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England—has not been played at all in recent years.

Antonio Stradivari was born inand established his shop in Cremona, Italy, stradivaius he remained active until his death in While the usual label for a Stradivarius instrument, whether genuine or false, uses the traditional Latin inscription, after the McKinley Tariff Act ofcopies were also inscribed with the country of origin. The totality of the house was paid for by There were also annual payments to his two sons of and lire each and lire for Annunciata and for Francesca.

After Stradivari’s death, this drastically changed. The violin was inside its case, sitting in an old wooden cradle. Shipping in US only. For such an appraisal, we recommend that you have your instrument examined by a reliable violin dealer in your area.