View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB user manual online. Digi Remote I/O Concentrator. AnywhereUSB Remote Control pdf manual download. View and Download Digi AnywhereUSB/5 installation manual online. REMOTE I/ O CONCENTRATOR. AnywhereUSB/5 Switch pdf manual download. AnywhereUSB User Manual ( Rev. J). 3. Digi Contact Information. Product information is available on the Digi website, , including.

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Using the front panel Reset button If the AnywhereUSB cannot be accessed from anywehreusb web interface, the configuration can be restored to factory defaults using the Reset button. Refer to Chapter 9 for more information about multi-host connections.

Digi AnywhereUSB User Manual

Table of Contents Table of Contents Download your driver according to your operating system. In addition, any files loaded into the device through the File Management page are also removed.

For anywnereusb that don’t fit into one of the pre-defined port profiles, select the Custom profile option. The Home Page The left side of the Home page has a list of choices that display pages for Configuration, Management, and Administration tasks, and to logout of the web interface. Hold down the front panel Reset button for about 2 seconds, until the front panel LEDs start blinking an amber color.

Enable Remote Management using a client-initiated connection: Access to Encrypted RealPort services can be enabled or disabled. An advantage of the client-initiated connection is that it can be used on any network, whether the client device has a public or private IP address – as anyhereusb as the Connectware Manager server is accessible on that network.


Home Page The Home page is displayed when the web interface is opened. Note that you can access only one AnywhereUSB through each firewall. Disclaimers Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Digi International.

To open the utility, double click the AnywhereUSB icon in the system tray. The device Mankal assigned to this device that corresponds to the device ID used by the Connectware server. For displaying general system information for the device and device statistics.


The ‘Disconnect’ button should only be used for manula purposes, i. Page 19 Edit Menu: After installing the Connectware Manager server, the AnywhereUSB must be configured to properly communicate with the remote server system. If you disable them, device users cannot use the web interface or Java applet to configure, monitor, and administer the device. Click on that port’s link anywhreeusb the Port heading.

Double clicking on the key will bring up the Edit Multi-String dialog.

Digi AnywhereUSB User guide |

This reboot procedure is only applicable when the AnywhereUSB is in a normal operational state, i. In the above example, the Host List column on the far right indicates that Groups 1 through 4 are associated with one or more USB ports, and there are no host PCs currently connected with one or more anywhereueb these Groups.

For newer operating systems with the install. There is also tutorial available on the Home page. This is an optional setting which is only used when DHCP is enabled.


A hub can detect attachment and detachment of downstream devices and enable and monitor the distribution of the power to downstream devices via their amywhereusb hardware and the operating system. Indeed, up to seven hubs can be connected parallel at any given level. DO NOT close the browser until the update is complete and a reboot prompt has been displayed.

These services control the use of the web interface. USB specifications limit the connection of a bus-powered hub to a self-powered hub or host only.

Select the Enable button 2.

Digi ANYWHEREUSB/14 instruction manual and user guide

The password required to get SNMP managed objects. When you have completed adding the subnet address to the Discovery List, click on the Close button to save the list. These options specify the proxy settings required to communicate over a proxy network using HTTP.

Understanding Hubs Hubs, critical components in the plug-and-play architecture, are wiring concentrators that enable the attachment of multiple devices, thus converting a single attachment point into multiple attachment points. The software is installed directly on anywyereusb host PC and allows applications to talk to devices across a network as though the devices were directly attached to the host.

Nanual enabled, an idle connection will be ended after the specified amount of time.