Smith Wigglesworth (8 June – 12 March ), was a Spirit-filled evangelist who was important in the early history of Pentecostalism. Wigglesworth was. The Life and Faith Story behind the Apostle of Faith and revivalist Smith Wigglesworth. Smiths life should be inspiration for us all!. Smith Wigglesworth was called the apostle of faith. Find out more about this amazing man of faith and how he influenced the world.

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As with sin, so with sickness and afflictions. One day when he was holding a meeting in Riverside, California, we wigg,esworth to him: Please tell me how I can get this peace and rest and joy that you have.

I took the bottle out of my pocket and held it behind me, and said: As I waited on the Lord for ten days in prayer, handing my body over to Him as a living sacrifice according to Romans But we will let him continue his own story:. The cancer was removed, and seemingly his life was spared, but he could not swallow. She knew that the workmen would be given free drinks in the saloons, and she knew it would have a demoralising effect on them. I encouraged her to continue her ministry of evangelising, and I continued my business as a plumber.

Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle Of Faith by Stanley H. Frodsham

When he got out of the room, an elderly lady and a young man came in. It was about healing through the power of Jesus Christ, and how God used Smith Wiggleswkrth to affect many people’s lives. I usually wore an overcoat with sleeves three or four inches too long, which was very comfortable in cold weather.


But the Lord was watching over this handmaid to preserve her from evil.

Please do not put me out. I had many rebuffs and rebukes. One day while Smith was working in the town of Leeds he heard of a divine healing meeting.

Smith Wigglesworth: Apostle Of Faith

Bishop coming out with another qpostle. She eventually moved back to Bradford and married Smith, who was very much in love with her. I knew then, although I might have received anointings previously, that now, at last, I had received the real Baptism in the Holy Spirit as they received on the day of Pentecost.

The only hope is for him to have an immediate operation, but I am somewhat afraid your husband is too weak for that. If he only knew, he could get these people healed at Bradford just as easily as to get them healed in Leeds. In he broke with the Wesleyan church to give himself entirely to the work of evangelism and was led to choose the slums of the east end of London as his first place of ministry.

For a season, however, Smith became so busy with his plumbing work that his evangelistic fervor began to wane. The Spirit of the Lord came upon me and I was instantly set free from my bondage.

Smith Wigglesworth – The Apostle Of Faith

First, the blade, then the ear, then the full corn in the ear. Lewellyn Juhl rated it it was amazing Apr 30, I thought he was the right man to go with me, to assist me.

It is inspirational and humbling. The longer I lived the more I thought, but the less language I had to express my thoughts. A Life of Joy XV. Jesus has a life force to put in us wiggleaworth will change everything that we dare to believe it will change.


I thank God for those days because the Lord kept me in a broken, contrite spirit. Jero rated it it was amazing Oct 24, I jump up and down and run around my room telling God how great he is, how apstle He is, how glad I am to be associated with Him and to be His child.

I do not mean His carpentering; I mean His ministry to the people. Like Saint Paul before him, Wigglesworth traveled near and far healing the sick and the lame and winning thousands of con An inspiring account of a simple man with an extraordinary faith Before word got out that a plumber in Bradford, England was performing miracles and wonders, Evangelical faith healer Smith Wigglesworth was living a quiet life.

God wants us to be as children. He moved to Liverpool when he was twenty and continued to work during the day and minister during his free time. Lf said that if they would rise and stand wherever they wiggleswrth, I would pray and the Lord would heal them. From time to time it was a relief to me qpostle go to work and find this godly man there. As the children came we always prayed through for them before they were born, that they would belong to God.