History. This UPDATE printing publishes a r e v i s i o n o f t h i s p u b l i c a t i o n . B e c a u s e t h e publication has been extensively revised, the changed. Pub/Form Number, AR Pub/Form Date, 03/12/ Pub/Form Title, CARRYING OF FIREARMS AND USE OF FORCE FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT AND. AR – Law Enforcement Reporting. This major revision, dated 27 September o Adds a requirement for chain of command.

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DoD military and civilian personnel regularly assigned to lawenforcement or security duties may be given a continuing authorization to carry firearms provided they pass the required yearly qualification standards. Forms, DA Form2—4. Sr of the necessity to carry a firearm shall be made considering this expectation weighed against the possible xr of accidental or indiscriminate use of firearms. Weapons may be zr off an installation by DoD personnelengaged in official duties when authorized by the Heads of the DoD Components or their designees.

The Heads of the DoD Components, or their designees, may impose further restrictions on the use of deadly force if deemed necessary in their judgment and if such restrictions would not unduly compromise the national security interests of the United States.

Authority to carry firearms a. Those rules were developed to ensure the safety of aircraft and the personnel on the aircraft.

Cited in para 3—1. Personnel carrying weapons for personal protection under theprovisions of section C.

Self-Defense and Defense of Others. To be considered eligible to carry firearms, personnel must have satisfactorily completed mandatory training and proficiency testing within the preceding 12 months. When deadly force reasonably appears necessary to prevent the commission of a serious offense involving violence and threatening death or serious bodily harm.

Firearms shall not be issued indiscriminately for that purpose. Weapons may be carried off an installation by DA personnel engaged in official duties when authorized by officers of field grade rank or higher, or civilian equivalent of grade GS—12 or above.


Army Criminal Investigations Command U. Personal protection, 2—1, 2—2. Carrying concealed firearms a.

190-144 This section contains no entries. Firearms will be returned to a designated control point on completion of the assignment for storage and accountability according to AR — Does not apply to DoD personnel engaged in military operations and subject to authorized rules of engagement, or assigned to duty in the following areas or situations, as defined by an Executive order or a DoD Directive:.

AR Carrying Of Firearms And Use Of Force For Law Enforcement And Security Duties

Personnel will not be permitted to perform law enforcement or security duties requiring the use of weapons until they have received instruction on applicable regulations for the use of deadly force in the performance of such duties. Cited in para 2—7. Notify 190-4 airlines or passenger service representative at least 1 hour before the plane departs that the weapon shall be carried on the aircraft.

Policy It is DoD Policy:. Contents Listed by paragraph and page number.

Deadly force is justified under one or more of the following circumstances:. Distribution of this regulation. Prescribed in para Mandatory training must include—. The authorization to carry firearms shall be issued only to qualified personnel when there is a reasonable expectation that life or DoD assets will be jeopardized if firearms are not carried. If the firearm is not required during the flight, the person carrying the firearm will—. Procedures The procedures for the arming of DoD Law enforcement and security personnel, the use of deadly force, and the carrying of firearms aboard aircraft are in enclosures 1 through 3, respectively.

Force that a person uses causing, or that a person knows or should know would create a substantial risk of causing, death or serious bodily harm. When the total cabin load of an aircraft on a flight for DoD purposes is used exclusively by the DoD Components, the following conditions apply to everyone except law enforcement or security personnel whose duties require that they be armed: For contract security forces, use of deadly force criteria will be established consistent with this regulation and local law.


Deadly force Force that a person uses causing, or that a person knows, or should know, will create a substantial risk of causing, death or serious bodily harm. Reissuance and Purpose This Directive: Personnel to be issued a firearm shall be briefed thoroughly on their individual responsibilities and shall receive the mandatory training as required by this Directive.

Military Police

Persons prohibited from carrying firearms a. Establish, as needed, implementing procedures to ensure com. It establishes criteria for compliance with its provisions by contract security personnel. Deadly force will be used only as set forth 19014 chapter 3. Authority to carry firearms.

Evaluation of the necessity to carry a firearm will be made considering this expectation weighed against the possible consequences of accidental or indiscriminate use of firearms.

Additional requirements for the use of firearms. Personnel assigned firearms for personal protection under the provisions of paragraph 2—2d, will be authorized to carry firearms on a case-by-case basis and written authorization issued only for the duration of specific assignment or threat.

If a firearm must be accessible during flight, 19014 person carrying the firearm shall:. Headquarters, Department of the Army. If an emergency occurs and the airline cannot be notified 1 hour 190-114 the plane departs, then the airline will be notified expeditiously.

Army Publishing Directorate

In evaluating the degree of force required for specific law enforcement or security situations, the following options should be considered in the order listed:.

Procedures 190-1 be established to 190-114 that any individual being issued a firearm has written authorization in effect before the actual issuance of the weapon. If the firearm is carried in baggage, the weapon shall be unloaded and securely locked in the baggage. Consume no alcoholic beverages eight hours before or during the flight.