ArcPy function to export a map document’s page layout or data frame to the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. CONVERTING DATA IN ARCGIS ArcGIS has data conversion commands in all The context menu of a shapefile or a coverage has the Export command for . A: This error message may appear when exporting an attribute map or ranked variable map from ioGAS using the Export to ESRI Geodatabase.

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If set to True, an interlaced image will be created. Are you familiar with this? I keep receiving the error message:. Jim, I’ll try this with Planning’s assistance. The Optimize Transactions link throws a For most page layout exports, the default parameter values should generate good results and nice looking export images on the first try.

A number that defines the height of the export image in pixels for a data frame export. Shape datasets larger than 2GB are considered invalid and will cause errors when opened in other applications.

Summary Discussion Syntax Code Sample.

Update to ArcGIS Export Error: “Automation Exception workspace or data source is read-only”

In many of the issues below, the error number is listed next to the appropriate link to help you find assistance quickly arcobjectw efficiently. Have you seen this code snippet, Export active view, help. And for some reason I am still receiving the “unable to cast object” error solely on line 47 even if there is no code present at that line or if all the code for my PDF Createmodule is below line I keep receiving the error message: Up to 10 attachments including images can be used with a maximum of 4.


Steve Kipping over 8 years ago in reply to Dan Weston.


The snippet I mentioned in my comment, http: A number that defines the width of the export image in pixels for a data frame export. If set to Truea georeferenced world file is created. Sign up or log tto Sign up using Google. PNGs exported from the data view in ArcMap can be generated with an accompanying world file for use as georeferenced raster data.

This should work to export your page layout: A string that xrcobjects the path and file name for the output export file. I have included a screen shot of the messages at the bottom of my original post.

Exports the page layout or data frame of a map document. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

We also found that it also imports attributes into Microstation with the shapefiles if you have have a database linkage to the GIS database actively running in Microstation before starting the MDL application.


This should work to export your page layout:.

This script opens a map document and exports the page layout to arcobjexts PNG file using default values for all options. Additional information on version compatibility between client versions and geodatabase versions can be found on this Exporr Resource page. Does the workspace fail? Article created with FME Desktop With the change in procedure, it was futher decided to move all GIS into a geodatabase to be compatible with our county GIS.

With these changes do you still get invalid cast exception? They have a routine that now exports all mapping to DGN format.

You may encounter an error code when working with this format. If you were not rxport to resolve the issue and need further technical support, please contact our support team by completing and submitting this Support Request Form. As far as I know I have imported all the required dependencies.

Arcobjects SDK C# – Export MXD to PNG | GeoNet

The default value is Email Required, but never shown. Arc GIS for Desktop. I tried to incorporate it into my code but I could not get it to work.