Offering complete panoramic views with real-time high definition images, the AV and AV bring a higher level of surveillance functionality to a. All-In-One IP Camera, 32fps, Megapixel Day/Night, mm lens, Dome, Microphone and Audio Out. Click here to view discontinued products. Lake Forest High School also uses the degree Panoramic Arecont Vision AV 8 Megapixel Camera. The AV can be used to view large coverage.

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Software Multi Camera Viewing Working from a remote networked PC, a user can av880 up to 16 cameras for simultaneous viewing on a single monitor. It allows multiple cameras to be accessed by multiple clients for viewing images zv8180 for operating a camera’s electronic PTZ functions. Users can also select any camera to record its images to a video server over a network.

Remote Internet Access with Password Protection Once this program is installed on a PC, users will be able to access single or multiple cameras for live viewing and PTZ control from a remote location simply by logging on to an Internet browser.

Be the first to review this item. Write a review vzbbwdywfryfduvuwqve. This program supports a maximum resolution of x for arecontt single camera, displayed in full screen.

Four areas of an image can be selected for ROI, with each region independently adjustable for resolution and compression rates. The same goes for zoom operation.

Arecont Vision AVSTARTER Network Camera AVSTARTER B&H

Not av180 by manufacturer. Designed for multi-camera installations, the software application introduces powerful functions for both viewing and recording operations. Recording can be continuous or set to begin at a date and time or when motion is detected.


Reviews 0 Write a review. No Longer Qrecont Update Location close. This means that a single AV can be used to cover an area normally requiring the installation of up to 24 analog cameras, making it a huge time and cost saver.

Arecont Vision’s megapixel IP panoramic cameras 180° and 360° with H.264 compression technology

By having a single aav8180 delivering both data and power to the camera, POE allows the camera to be placed in areas inaccessible to an AC outlet and will also keep the camera operating in the event of a localized power failure.

In practical terms this means that a user can zoom in on a car to read its license plates, get a close up look a person’s tattoo and other identification details.

An elaborate password system is employed to provide protection from unauthorized use. Motion Detection Based Av8108 Any camera can be selected to record its images to a video server over the network. This allows the use of a single camera to cover an area normally requiring up to 24 installed analog fixed cameras.

The Arecont Vision AVSTARTER is a network starter package presented as an all-in-one solution for high-end security applications requiring viewing and recording of super high resolution images over a network.

Motion detection is fully programmable for area and sensitivity. If an operator wants to sweep across a room for example, he simply moves the slider on the screen and the camera will jump from one imager to the next.

Enter new zip code to refresh areccont delivery time. Multiple cameras can be viewed in resolutions up to x and at speeds up to 30 FPS, depending on a computer’s CPU speed.


This degree of outstanding video quality translates av88180 easy identification of people and objects but its most crucial aspect is its arwcont to maintain a picture’s detail even under extreme magnification.

Overview Specs Quick Compare vzbbwdywfryfduvuwqve. Simultaneous Viewing of Full and Reduced Resolution Images A multi streaming function allows a user qrecont view multiple cameras in reduced resolution mode at the same time high resolution zoomed images are being displayed from the very same cameras. Password protection is configurable for full access, viewing of live and archived footage or live monitoring only.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Automatic Camera Recognition Once installed, this program automatically identifies, configures and assigns an available IP address to each camera. The package consists of the AV 8-megapixel network dome camera, the AV network recording software and four 3mm lenses.

Up to 4 zoomed windows from each camera can be transmitted as separate video streams. Instead of using a mechanized head, which are susceptible to wear and tear over time, all the camera’s movements are completely digital. See any errors on this page? Instead of waiting for a lens to work its way through different optical stages, an operator simply clicks on an image, instantly magnifying it many times.

By recording only important sections qv8180 high resolution, ROI keeps file sizes small, saving storage space and maximizing a network’s bandwidth capacity.