Para leer al pato Donald. Comunicación de masa y colonialismo (Spanish Edition) – Kindle edition by Ariel y Armand Mattelart Dorfman. Download it once and. How to Read Donald Duck is a book-length essay by Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart .. Both the Spanish title Para Leer al Pato Donald and the literal English title How to Read Donald Duck were chosen in reference to the earlier. Jul 19, The infamous Chilean book by scholars Ariel Dorfman and Armand Mattelart, Para leer al Pato Donald (How to Read Donald Duck), was.

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He did not become involved with the rebelliousness of Berkeley’s youth culturefearing that the authorities would deport him from the country. His political opponents were supported by the United States. Augusto Pinochet rose to power as a dictator.

How to Read Donald Duck – Wikipedia

It was first published in Chile inbecame a bestseller throughout Latin America [1] and is still considered a seminal work in cultural studies. How to Read Donald Duck was written and published during the brief flowering of revolutionary socialism under the government of Salvador Allende and his Popular Unity coalition and is closely identified with the revolutionary politics of its era.

The notion is that the value of products is displaced from the labor that produces them and misconceived as emanating from the products itself.

The writing style is playful, fun, irreverent, wittyand concise, intentionally distancing itself from the dry language of academic discourse. La Firmein particular, often featured female characters who were unable to perceive the “proper revolutionary path” and were contrasted to male revolutionaries. It tends to alienate, to infantilize, and to colonize its audience. He was able to hide for a while, first within an underground network of leftists and then within the home of the ambassador of Israel.


Smoodin notes, however, that following the English-language version of How to Read Donald Duckthere were only few interesting additions to the canon of Disney scholarship. Donald Duck may constantly lose jobs, because of his own incompetence.

How to Read Donald Duck was reportedly a pioneering work in research on the topic of The Walt Disney Companyits products, and other form of mass culture intended for an audience of children.

“Para leer al pato Donald” Ariel Dorfman, Armand Mattelart. by marco muñoz dromundo on Prezi

These stories tend to be among the tamer ones in his canon of works. All part of the revolutionary culture of Allende’s Chile. In effect, he produced works of media studies.

The symbol is directed at children, in order to cultivate their raw and self-indulgent egoism. Andrae notes a faulty assumption in the original book, the lack of distinction between Disney comics and Disney animation.

In contrast, How to Read Donald Duck offered dorfmqn ideological analysis. He argued in this book that literature works to promote a mentality of fatalism and to provide hope. Ariel Dorfman Armand Mattelart. The mass media of Chile were never entirely freed from the influence of the United States.

Media texts of Western origin have gained a massive presence in other cultures. The works of Walt and his company in parz and television were seen as connected to various other fields of study, such as urban planningecological politics, product merchandisingthe formation of the domestic and global policy of the United States, technological innovationand the construction of a national character.


Retrieved 27 August How to Read Donald Duck analyzes the internal ethical logic of the Disney comics.

The book viewed Walt himself as the “prime creator” of the company’s cartoons, wristwatches, theme parks, and television shows. The writers demonstrated the trajectory of Disney comics from the ” metropolis ” of the United States to its satellite states in South America. He later admitted that the myths of modern culture are deeply rooted in the minds of commoners.

All characters are engaged in an intense compulsion to consume. Dorfman still argues that mass-media culture has negative effects. The stories feature products which are bought, sold, and consumed.

Elements which Dorfman viewed as “violent undergrowths” in fictional characters were re-examined and he came to realize that they match and accompany dormfan deep-seated tendencies and fears of humanity.

How to Read El Pato Pascual: Disney’s Latin America and Latin America’s Disney

Overcopies of the work had been sold. He used the passport to migrate to Francewell away from Latin America. The book formerly banned in Chile and threatened by legal action in the U. In the dorgman of Dorfman and Mattelart, Scrooge serves as a capitalist symbol.

Consequently, social authority is depicted as ever-lasting and never challenged. Film criticism was heavily influenced by auteur dknald, and did not view Walt Disney as a “fit subject for study”.