Buy ARINC Ats Data Link Applications Over Acars Air-Ground Network from SAI Global. ARINC documents may be obtained from ARINC at: ,. ARINC “ATS Data Link Applications Over ACARS Air-Ground Network”. ARINC. Aeronautical Radio, Incorporated (ARINC), established in , is a major provider of transport communications and systems engineering solutions for eight .

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If there is sufficient benefit, the end applications may be modified to provide for a more robust service while using ainc protocols. It includes a table of all interoperability requirements statements with paragraph references and the applicability to air, ground or datalink.

Specifies aircraft leg clearance in terms of minutes. The use of satellite communications will support all of these application requirements. Specifies altitude related details concerning a given point.

An abbreviated list follows. The operators will invest in new equipment when it makes sense. It is suggested that in future implementations that both air and ground systems shall completely decode all messages and compare both MINs, time stamp and contents for duplication.

The active route, modified active route, or inactive route may be used to hold a requested route. Specific end system standards which impact interoperability include: Airplanes flying in cruise over barren land masses with no terrestrial communications and with no radar services surely will benefit from the use of satellite data communications.


Indicates which of the transport layer timer value tables should be used. Free text notes added to a position report.

Specifies the current aircraft altitude using the Altitude data structure. Airnc to specify the amount of fuel remaining on the aircraft expressed in hours and minutes.

For the purposes arinf this paper, it is sufficient to say that there is no currently agreed mechanism for replacing these elements, and their use for flight plan correlation can be expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Character strings should be left justified. All optional data are shown in the following bit map. Section 6 defines the dynamic aspects of the applications and the sequences of operations required for correct operation.

Last updated 1/17/07

The FMC ignores any “track detail” variable included in the [routeclearance] variable. Sequence of two Altitudeflightlevel data structures. The overriding consideration in determining a transition path is to start with as little change as possible.

The optional data shall define the event that is used to generate an event report. The following information applies to the presentation arimc Specifies the airway which will be intercepted and followed in the aircraft route of flight. Sequence of up 16 Flightplansegment data structures.


FANS Information Page

In this situation, the aircraft will still indicate it is connected while the ATS facility will indicate it is disconnected. It is arguable, in comparison of this to the existing HF voice radio environment, that controller and pilot workload for routine communications will be reduced considerably. Used to specify the distance along a route of flight at which point to add the fix.

This document will make reference to existing standards wherever possible. Indicates the longitude for which to base incremental reporting points. If both MIN, timestamp, and contents match exactly, one of the duplicates shall be discarded with no error messages generated.

Ultimately, however, there will be procedures to account for the failure to communicate via data link, triggered by timers to alert the originator that the message was not delivered. This is required in order for the FMC to be able to load the uplinked [position] into the flight plan.

Specifies whether the rate of vertical change is in the upward or downward direction.