The Dongtan Plan: Comissioned by SIIC, and designed by ARUP. – Planned for a massive shift of people from rural areas to urban areas. – Transportation. Dongtan is a plan for a new eco-city on the island of Chongming in Shanghai, China. Arup, the British engineering consultancy firm, was contracted in by the developer, The Shanghai Industrial Investment Company (SIIC), to design . That they really saw Arup’s expensively produced Dongtan masterplan as a blueprint for a more sustainable future. They didn’t. Not when it.

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Archived from the original on 25 April Searching for Dongtan on Google, there are aroundhits. A new book explores the failed promise of Dongtan eco-city outside Shanghai and why so many other ambitious green projects lie abandoned. Almost all of them are built on a fiction: Dongtan will be a city of three villages that meet to form a city centre.

Harwood III[8] is also songtan part in many environmentally less friendly projects in China, including airports and office blocks. The delicate nature of the Dongtan wetlands adjacent to the site has been one of the driving factors of the city’s design.

Why eco-cities fail | China Dialogue

We wanted to change the rules in Dongtan, to do everything different. Dongtan is a chance to develop new ways of living. The width of roads, everything.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Place in Shanghai, China. This week, Peter Head, the man behind the project at the London-based consulting engineers Arup, who drew up the master plan, told me his clients at the city’s Shanghai Industrial Investment Company had “gone quiet. Eco City design to be reviewed in Birmingham”. Abandoned gear is a congtan threat to the environment but there are lots of ways to fix the problem.


Critics have argued that Dongtan will not have a big impact on existing Chinese cities, which will still house the majority of the population. Houses are now selling here to Shanghai middle classes for use when spending weekends away from the city.

Dongtan was planned to open, with accommodation for 10, in time for the Shanghai World Expo in The reaction to Dongtan has been mixed, although recent media coverage has largely been negative due to delays and shortcomings in the project’s execution. Now more than ever… chinadialogue is at the heart of the battle for truth on climate change and its challenges at this critical time. Autocratic political structures may be able impose radical change but not sustain it indefinitely.

World Business Council for Sustainable Development. Not so, says Head. Arup is assisting in the coordination of these networks and in planning associated Institutes for Sustainability.

Why eco-cities fail

Shanghai milked the media well during the heyday of the planning. Email your examples to greenwash theguardian.

We plan to protect and enhance the existing wetlands by returning agricultural land to a wetland state creating a ‘buffer-zone’ between the city and the mudflats – at its narrowest point, this ‘buffer-zone’ will be 3. The cities are planned to be ecologically friendly, with zero-greenhouse-emission transit and complete self-sufficiency in water and energy, together with the use of zero energy building principles.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Apart from concerned environmental bloggers so far hardly anyone has actually sought to dig deeper on the Dongtan myth, with the honourable exceptions of the BBC World Service and Al Jazeera English.

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Dongtan, Shanghai

There is a rule for everything. Comments are translated into either Chinese or English after being moderated.

But when it comes to it, China cannot deliver that. Environmental reforms are doongtan under the pressure of a trade war but the government can get back on track, writes Ma Tianjie.

The project will increase bio-diversity on Chongming Island, and will create a city that runs entirely on renewable energy for its buildings, its infrastructure and its transport needs. British academics carried out energy audits aimed at giving Dongtan’s future citizens an ecological footprint a quarter that of other Shanghai citizens.

Arup recently received the ” Greenwasher of the Year Award” from Ethical Corporation Magazine for the most dubious green claim of the year, describing Dongtan as a Potemkin village. Dongtan is very significant for Shanghai and the nation.