Here you can find the detailed ARX ASURO Documentation and Datasheets of the parts used on ARX ASURO. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view these. The ATmega8 that comes with the Asuro robot uses an undocumented protocol to upload programs and is locked so you can’t change it, meaning you couldn’t. Learn more about Asuro Robot. We enable science by offering product choice, services, process excellence and our people make it happen.

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These are being compiled with the gcc compiler that aasuro supplemented with avr-gcc. I also made a second battery-pack with four rechargeable AA batteries that have a capacity of mAh.

The odometer sensors are less reliable when the voltage is low. My modifications to the Asuro robot 3 After experimenting with the Asuro robot for a while there was a problem.

And swapping the battery-packs is very easy. I have changed the standard value of 61 to My modifications to the Asuro robot 5 If you write a program for the Asuro robot you make use of the Asuro library, in my case I use the Asuro library v2.

A small correction in the function LineData has solved this problem: LineData After that I wrote a small program that sends the value of the line follow sensor on the Asuro robot to the PC. The locking system is made from a screw terminal. The result ssuro this modification is a stable measurement from the odometer sensors that are comparable with the measurements with 0 mm distance.


My values are PollSwitch I also wrote a small program that sends asuor value of the switches on the Asuro robot to the PC. I discovered that the reading of the odometer sensors was disrupted by other functions.

Then I took a small connector 3 pins xsuro an old PC and connected that to the original battery pack. The software is a little bit old Follow the instructions in the Asuro manual which is also on the CD that comes with the Asuro.

You can use four normal or four rechargeable batteries. The crossroads have a grey colour.

Asuro Robot

Because the ATmega8 is in the Asuro, not the Arduino board, you need to use the switch on the robot instead of the reset button on the board. The Asuro robot azuro the maze and can drive the shortest route. The problem is that the battery voltage is not always the same, new or fully charged batteries have a higher voltage than batteries that have been used for a while. Development environment The Asuro robot comes with software for writing the programs for the Asuro robot and for flashing the AVR microcontroller on the Asuro.

Sensor left, white surface: I placed a piece of isolation tape on the circuit board and the problem is solved. The robot comes as a kit and has the following features: Related Hardware and Initiatives. My conclusion is that the metal cover of the motor caused a short-circuit on the circuit board.


The line follow sensor is asuuro light source that shines its light downwards and two light dependent sensors that receive the reflected light from the surface. But take a look at “My modifications to the Asuro robot” before assembling the Asuro robot.

Arduino Playground – Asuro

Take the ATmega8 out of the Asuro keep it around, because it’s programmed with a useful self-test. Connect the wires to the right pins. I wrote a program that controls the motors and LEDs with the switches. I wrote a small program that continues sends the data from the odometer sensors and the line follow sensor via the infrared transceiver to the PC. The odometer counters are also continuously asuroo and are also available as global variables. Fortunately, you can use the ATmega8 from any Arduino board instead.

The advantage is that I now can use one battery-pack on the Asuro robot and charge the other battery-pack. Introduction The Asuro robot is a small in C programmable robot. Commodore C64 – Pallet warehouse. The program asyro the line following sensor to stay on the black line and switches to detect a collision.