of service provider or manufacturer, contact AT&T ConnecTech® by calling. 5 and request your U-verse User Guide in an alternate . The Wi-Fi Network Name begins with “ATT” or “2WIRE” followed by several. Open AT&T Internet Wi-Fi Gateway Self Install Guide (ATT) Adding Internet with Existing U-verse TV (ATT) (PDF – 1 MB). While I was looking for a manual on the NV I found some older posts that appeared unresolved on a source for a manual. This link com/downloads/ A little suspicious it’s 2wire and not Pace. I Call It Like I See It, Simply a U-verse user, nothing more.

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2Wire 3800HGV-B User Manual

After checking the Router-behind-Router Detection box, how can you confirm if the 2 Wire router has been disabled and the Time Capsule is the only router controlling your network? This is great — but could you please tell me what the Apple Airport Configuration should be?

The 2Wire gateway includes an integrated wireless access point, which allows users to roam wirelessly throughout the home or office. Viewing Your Broadband Link Summary.

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The Edit Advanced Firewall Settings page allows you to configure advanced features on your firewall. Something simple is being missed in these instructions as they would apply to me setting up the Time Capsule a second time.

I wonder if somebody has any advice. The gateway allows users to open the necessary ports through the firewall using the Firewall Settings page. It took me all morning and some of the afternoon to finally get it to work.

Just ignore the warning, tell it to go ahead and do the configuration. Here is what I did to get it to work. Local Network – Status Page The range of IP addresses available on the network, the number of addresses allocated, and the number of addresses remaining. Changing Your Time Zone Settings. Using Broadband Link Advanced Settings. There are two connection methods available: Does that mean that I did not put the 2wire into bridge mode successfully?


If you enjoy my blog, rouger send Bitcoin Donations so that I can continue to write more articles: To use multiple broadband addresses rouger the HGV-B, you must have subscribed to the appropriate service from your Internet Service Provider. I had another device set wrong at public address, firewall disabled. The two routers are next to uveerse other, and really not too far from uvfrse room with the TV, actually, the apple TV says uversse signal is excellent when I connect to either router.

To disable a network device, click the button. This post at the bottom is what I did which made my internet start working with this configuration.

For instance, the time it took to start a movie using the uverse router was about 1 min 40 secs; and I was never able to get the same movie started with any of the other networks, oruter both devices sooner than 3 mins, sometimes more than that. We turned off the stereo which provided the audio to the TV, and it completely cut out the TV service.

When putting the 2Wire att bridge mode by following your directions I still have access to the att network on 2Wire. Page 77 Configuring Mulitple Static IP Addresses To allow all traffic for the web server, uvdrse the gateway to allow the specific type of the associated inbound ports to flow to the server.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Then, pull your Firewall out of the U-verse router, wait 30 seconds or so, reconnect it and it will get a public IP xt&t just like it did when you had a cable modem or otherwise….


That is, except for traffic sent to the However I am having a problem.

The Local Network – Configuration page opens. I tried different channels, different security methods, and other things, but nothing made it faster. Page 4 Networking Technology Overview Wireless. Log in with the password printed 2wirw the side of your router. An access list shows the computers Devices on your network and the names of the Allowed Applications for each computer.

Configuring Mulitple Static IP Addresses If you did not receive a subnet mask from your ISPbut were provided with a number of addresses has been, you can look up the associated subnet mask in the table below.

Inside my network, the remote desktop worked fine when i tested, but outside the network it seems to connect, but then windows rejects it.

The following table describes how to interpret the indicator lights. Page 82 If trouble is experienced with this equipment, please contact the store, reseller, or agent from whom the product was purchased.

I set it back to firewall enabled, private address then saved it. For details on configuring advanced firewall settings, refer to page Troubleshooting – Upgrade History Page Access the Management and Diagnostic Console Troubleshooting – Upgrade History Page The Upgrade History page shows a log of all system software upgrades, and lists the upgrades in the order in which they occurred.

Vertical orientation is the preferred method for mounting the HGV-B gateway. Connect the Broadband Interface.