“The Fountainhead” () es un clásico y el primer best-seller de Ayn Rand. Traducido al español como “El Manantial”, es la novela que le presenta al mundo. El Manantial has ratings and reviews. Eric_W said: I had not really paid much attention to Ayn Rand, darling of the conservatives (very su. Ayn Rand (screenplay), Ayn Rand (novel) Why Hetty Disappeared on ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words . Ayn Rand wanted Clifton Webb to play the villain, but studio chiefs nixed the idea and Robert.

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To cut this potentially loong tirade short, I have no respect for Ayn Rand’s pseudo-rational philosophy. I am thinking of Jesus here and when He told the Mananrial of the Talents. I was intrigued by the way Rand is mixing her own concepts into the narrative itself and thus using theory as her storyand presenting us an image of her objectivism, lived out by the characters in the novel.

Rand is an extremist and a society based around the morals and ethics of The Fountainhead would collapse under the weight of it’s own ego, though the collapse would be glorious and we’d all go out with our heads held high.

Some praised the novel as a powerful paean to individualism, while others thought it overlong and lacking sympathetic characters. View all 7 comments. After Cameron retires, Keating hires Roark, whom Francon soon fires for refusing to design a building in the classical style. I have a feeling a good editor could have chopped this down to pages from the that make up this edition. Den Uyl, Douglas J.

View all 5 comments. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Howard Roark – the unconventional architect who lives for and in his work, Dominique Francon – the yet more unconventional and passionate lover, Peter Keating – the seeker after all that is conventiona This work serves as a fantastic introduction to Rand’s inane philosophy – Objectivism more about this in bit.


It is about one man against the system, and it does not permit other matters to intrude. By this time, a large crowd of reporters had gathered. So Rand’s objectivism begs this question: The titles of both are just ambiguous enough to make you assume Unlike Brave New World, reading this book is in itself an act of bravery.

Extenso pero plenamente recomendable. Unions for example are evil. She also married a bit-part actor called Frank O’Connor because he was ‘beautiful’ – and because her original visitor’s visa had run out. The muscular coach set aun prominent jaw, and his hard, handsome eyes glistened. This book is like a net set for unsuspecting minds. Espousing fascism in the guise of some sort of efficient humanism is as deceitful as the Discovery Channel.

The only real difference between the drunk at the bar and The Fountainhead is that the drunk probably wouldn’t go so far as claiming, when relating an account of rape, that the woman wanted it, even craved it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Howard Roark, un hombre cuyo arrogante orgullo en su trabajo es absolutamente merecido, un arquitecto innovador que lucha contra una sociedad que adora tradiciones, un individuo independiente que se niega rotundamente a hacer concesiones en los principios que conciernen a su vida y a su trabajo.

Rand was annoyed that Bobbs-Merrill allowed the edited version to be published without her approval of the text.


EL MANANTIAL AYN RAND | BOOKS | Pinterest | Ayn rand and Books

InBelgian theater director Ivo van Maanantial created a stage adaptationwhich has received mostly positive reviews. I know Rand never claimed to writing realistic dialog, but still See all 14 questions about El Manantial…. I read as much as I could, threw the bastard against the far wall and cursed myself for showing appropriately fascistic violence towards a book. So call me petty because I can’t get over the fact that the main character rapes another character who secrectly likes it and is thereafter attracted to him, but I think the guy is a douchebag and a prick and Ayn Rand is crazy.

Her winner-take-all philosophy of how we should govern ourselves is not only ridiculous but basically fascist. Retrieved August 25, Lists with This Book. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

El Manantial

Just like in the case of her denunciation of homosexuality: Add the first question. The novel’s protagonist, Howard Roark, is an individualistic young architect who designs modernist buildings and refuses to compromise with an architectural establishment unwilling to accept innovation.

Rand so thoroughly and relentlessly promotes.

She celebrated atheism, a kind of free love, very strong women, and a rejection of parental values and social norms. After I finished this book I went back and re-read the first few pages. A seven-hundred and something page book for one student, whom I could only assume, based on past experiences with students, wasn’t really going to read anyway.