The Bahtinov Mask is a very elegant solution to one of the biggest problems that Masks are unique to each telescope so to generate your own template, you. Make Your Own Bahtinov Focusing Mask: A Bahtinov Mask will help focus your telescope or camera lens on Step 4: Cut a Mask Template on the Vinyl Cutter. High Quality Aluminum Bahtinov mask. The Bahtinov mask achieves perfect focus in seconds. The Bahtinov Mask was invented by Pavel Bahtinov from Russia. Click Here for a printable order form. Note that orders will be processed by.

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A focussing tool for Astro-photography. The focal length of your scope, in mm. Extra Precision In recent years, software has been developed to allow sub-pixel accuracy when using a Bahtinvo Mask.

Achieving a good focus for astrophotography is a boring waste of time. All credit for the mask goes to Pavel Bahtinov for creating the design, and to Dennis Sakva for championing it on Cloudy Nights.

Home Made Bahtinov Focusing Mask & Templates

Bahtinov mask produces 3 diffraction spikes: Some people believe that the center of the left-hand side should be a bar blockedand not a slot open.

You might want to adjust downwards to avoid generating tiny cutouts at the very top and bottom of the right-hand quadrants. Extremely accurate focusing Visual feedback allows almost instant focusing Save money over competing focusing solutions Money back guarantee Works with all imagers High quality materials Read John Wunderlin’s Bahtinov Mask Tips. Scale to 72 DPI. However, trying to do this with a DSLR is extremely difficult as the pentaprism viewfinder is designed for daytime use and even a ‘bright’ star appears dim in the viewfinder.


Slot width override must be a positive number. Note that for mak apertures you’ll need to print a “mosaic” of several pages, and then connect them together. Using one of these masks hemplate to the front of your camera, accurate focus can be achieved using the built in screen of a DSLR camera or the captured image of an astro-CCD camera on a computer screen.

Ideally, should be between – Advanced parameters Tweak the settings to experiment, to adjust for differences in materials, or just for fun.

Each page has 1 inch overlap and markings which indicate how to connect each piece. This number comprises of two measurements; Full Width simply means that the full diameter of the star is used and Half Maximum is a measure of the distance from the centre of the star at which the brightness level decreases to maxk the level value at the centre.

Additional space on the left and right to aid with printing Top margin mm Top margin must be a non-negative number Additional space on the top and bottom to aid with printing Center line color Optional. You should use Adobe PDF or a similar software for printing.


Angled slot count Sripe count must be a positive integer. Then the annoying task – cutting the plastic. Pavel Bahtinov deserves a medal The Spike-a attaches securely to your scope using nylon screws to ensure the finish of your telescope is protected. How does it work? Copyright astro jargon. The angle from the horizontal of the angled slots.

The clear aperture of your scope, in millimeters. If you decide the mask needs to be 20mm larger than the clear aperture, enter 10mm.

astrojargon – Bahtinov Focusing Mask Generator: Overview

I’ve made the mask for my 8″ reflector using materials commonly avaliable in an office supply store. A Masterfully Executed Bahtinov Mask reprinted with permission.

First step was to print the mask – you can use the provided templatesor use the original bahtinov mask generatorand then print it any modern browser can open the generated. By bahttinov to a negative value, they start “lower,” the net effect of which is to fit more cutouts on the mask – experiment! Points for a mounting ring.

Tough one to describe. Hilborn, Ontario Canada “Just used my Spike-a Mask last night and could not believe how effective it is.