55 quotes from The Bait Of Satan: Living Free from the Deadly Trap of Offense: ‘ Offended people still may experience miracles, words of utterance, strong. The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer Now and at the Hour of Our Death by J.S.B. Morse The Bait Of Satan by John Bevere Free to Shine by Robert E. Colwell. THESATANICVERSES IX A Wonderful Lamp Satan, being thus confined to a vagabond, wandering, unsettled THE SATANI. The bait of Satan / John Bevere .

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It was so good that I decided to buy the book after seeing my family struggle with offenses. I thank God for freeing me from this yoke of bondage that has enslaved me for so long.

The Bait of Satan

A lot of the content was familiar to me from other ministries–for example, Bevere refers to Neil Anderson’s books and Institutes of Basic Youth Conflicts. Be Secure Without the Approval of Man. This book has so many personal applications for self discovery. As said, Bevere is a christian, and this his book has the Scriptures as his foundation. I will remain loyal to my spiritual leaders even when they have rejected me or wronged me. Did you confront him on his heresy and charlatanism?

I am by no means “there yet”. Intellectual growth is a function of learning. It’s one thing to try to reconcile with folks who are in step with the Lord, but not so easy with those who are in rebellion or resisting Him. Forgiveness in this latter sense is what God threatens to withhold from Christians who refuse to forgive others cf. Stated plainly, “It just don’t mean nothin’!


Christus, die voor u geleden heeft, is het voorbeeld dat u moet volgen, en in zijn voetstappen moet u treden. It keeps you from the change of heart—repentance—that will set you free.

We only risk aborting them by our ojhn. I highlighted several passages about how we carry immaturity with us from one relationship to another, when we don’t deal with unresolved issues in marriage.

The Bait Of Satan Quotes by John Bevere

Overall, this is a pretty good book. The online course offers unique videos, tools, and downloads that help an individual or group walk through the course. His disobedience eventually caught up with him, and he was rushed to the hospital because of heart failure.

And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. We got to the stage where we had very few friends, and I was feeling isolated and unloved even though I was faithfully attending an excellent church. I got deceived by the title of this book but once I started reading I couldn’t stop. Well, then this is no book for you, No Sir!!

We withhold access until these people have paid their debts in full. Ik zeg u, Petrus, de haan zal heden niet kraaien, eer gij driemaal zult verloochend hebben, dat gij Mij kent.


Awesome book about Forgiveness towards God, people, friends and finally yourself.

The Bait Of Satan Quotes

I became critical and judgmental, and offense set in. Holy Spirit, empower me to be a spiritual father or mother to those who need me to disciple, love, support, and encourage them. I choose to be a man [or woman] after the heart of God, not one who seeks to avenge myself. When I am cut off from my father [physical or spiritual] through his insecurity, jealousy, or pride, cause me to recognize that as You did with David, Bevvere want to complete Your work in my life.

Jezus zei tegen hen: Almost immediately I began feeling the weight of my offenses lifting and a aatan and joy fill my heart as I thought about each person and prayed for them and for our relationship to be healed, restored and strengthened. He receives no counsel and sets himself up for deception. He likes it when His children care for and nurture each other. It is not a sappy, feel-good book.