Dr. Gyula Bakacsi. Associated Senior Research Fellow . / A jövőképesség politikai fogalmáról. Download · Bakacsi Gyula / A hálózatoké a. Dr. Gyula Bakacsi serves as the Head of Department and Professor at the Corvinus University of Budapest, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Organisational . Gyula Bakacsi. ORCID iD. and Human Resources). Employment. Source: Gyula Bakacsi. Preferred.

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Gyula Bakacsi – Google Scholar Citations

Publications from data base, Documents all in Hung. Scientometric data list of publications and citations number of scientific publications that meet accreditation criteria: It has a staff of senior and junior research fellows. Social futuring is a term and method formulated by the Social Futuring Center. Bakacsi Gyula, Bokor Attila: Social futuring is a measure of the creative awareness and intent a social entity e.

Research research area 1 societal and organizational culture and leadership GLOBE research project 2 organizational behavior 3 management paradigms 4 social-economic-power systems, as scale-free networks research field in which current research is conducted business and management. By measuring social futuring, the complex of future-oriented workings of an entity is evaluated and weighted.


Hungarian Publications Conceptual papers on social futuring to be published shortly: The measurement pillars are the substantive types of future changes into which a social entity can proceed. Doctoral Council registration number at commissioner for data protection: Social futuring exclusively belongs and is applied to what is social, that is, to human agents and their relations with their material, social, cultural and symbolic environments.

Rooted in a multidisciplinary bakacxi framework, social futuring creates an innovative synergy of approaches combining philosophy, sociology, psychology, bionics, informatics, economics, political science, environmental studies, futures studies, network science, among other academic and professional tyula.

Print preview personal data approved: Academic title scientific degree, title CSc year degree was guyla discipline to which degree belongs business and management institution granting the degree HAS scientific degree, title Habilitation year degree was obtained discipline to which degree belongs business and management institution granting the degree University of West Hungary.

The Social Futuring Index SFI and ranking is a weighted average of indicators that approximates the elements of social futuring.

Social futuring is the feature of a social entity signifying its capacity, ability and fitness to envision and enact changes and so to prepare itself for the beneficial managing of the future. The SFI is a composite indicator based on publicly available data.


Thesis topic supervisor number of doctoral students supervised until now 11 number of students who fulfilled course requirements 9 students who obtained their degrees: Number of independent citations to these publications:. Social Futuring Index By measuring social futuring, the complex of future-oriented workings of an entity bakqcsi evaluated and weighted.

Contact details E-mail address bakacsi. The conceptual framework of social futuring converges results of research into future-orientation, future proofing, attachment, resilience, coping and sustainability. The main scope of bakkacsi research is the analysis and interpretation of social futuring of different social entities, focusing on short and long-term future changes