Banaras has ratings and 19 reviews. Kecia said: Passport – checkIndian visa – checkVaccinations – checkAirline ticket – checkand now I KNOW wher. Diana L. Eck. This is the acclaimed study and interpretation of Banaras, the holy place of the Hindus. “In BANARAS, Diana Eck has written a notable book about this greatest of Indian pilgrimage sites Her brilliant, comprehensive book seems likely to.

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One of the ideas I was very taken with in the books was that of India’s banaraw geography’. It was a joy to know. She describes the rites of its temples, the busy life of its riverfront, and the exuberance of its festivals. As Indians, we know most of these. I learned so much about our own myths as they are mentioned in the Puranas or the Mahatmayas.

Books by Diana L. I have spent a year in Kashi as a kid but there are only faint memories that I have of those times. Srijata Roy rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Rachna Kamath rated it did not like it Aug 14, Nitant Pandey rated it really liked it Jan 25, This is a ot book and after reading it Vity had a better grasp of Hinduism. She talks about the story of Ganga as it ccity an inherent part of Banaras — City of Light.

This book is an achievement and is a scholarly journal covering the history of the most important city on the face of earth. It also traces the Buddhism and Jainism along with other unconventional paths of Hinduism like Aghora. And She brings alive many temples that no longer exist but has been described in various traveler accounts.


Banaras City of Light by Diana L Eck

I assume the book was somewhere written for the western audience in mind. A highly recommended book to read on Varanasi. Ultimate Grandmother Hacks by Kavita Devgan. She beautifully brings out the yearning for Kashi that Shiva has and now all his devotees have. She then takes bamaras through the various aspects of the city, its mention in various Indian scriptures especially Kashi Khand of Skand Puran and Kashi Mahatmaya.

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Banaras, City of Light – Diana L. Eck – Google Books

She reveals the spiritual and historical resonance of this holy place where great sages such as the Buddha and Shankara were taught, where ashrams, palaces, and universities were built, where God has been imagined and imagined in a thousand ways. City of Light Diana L. Jim Jenkins rated it it was amazing May 25, Banaras’s beliefs and mythic concepts are a great place to start learning about what constitu Scholarly retelling of the oral histories and traditions that make Banaras, banaraz Varanasi what it is today.

Apr 18, Geoffrey Cobb rated it really liked it Shelves: In contemporary history ciry was attacked in the most brutal manner for more than a thousand years by muslim hordes but miraculously still retains its original character.


May 07, Kecia rated it really liked it Shelves: Did you know Banaras comes from Baranasi — the Prakrit version Varanasi? She compares notes from the Puranas with the observations of various travelers.

Banaras: City of Light

In all, I quite enjoyed what is definitely a very erudite and impassioned study of one of the world’s greatest cities. One of the most enlightening books I have read this year.

Sep 08, Cathy Douglas rated it it was ok Shelves: Hindus believe that Banaras has always been there since eternity and liight survive the end by rising again from ashes of the universe. The Panch Kroshi Yatra that I did makes far more sense now.

Oct 08, Usha rated it it was amazing.

Preview — Banaras by Diana L. Rachel Furey rated it liked it Aug 24, There are few cities in India as traditionally Hindu Banaras becomes the microcosm of India.

Banaras – explained through mythological, theological, geographical and in a common sense way. Jul 21, Lowell Brower rated it really liked it Shelves: City of Light by Diana L.

You want to see the original temples at Jnan Vyapi and Panchganga Ghat. In this eloquent, finely observed study, Diana Eck shows how banaraa city over the centuries has become a lens through which the Hindu vision of the world is precisely focused.