A Hazard of Hearts [Barbara Cartland] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Serena was happy at Staverley. She loved to roam the stately. A HAZARD OF HEARTS by Barbara Cartland, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. LibraryThing Review. User Review – DWWilkin – LibraryThing. Normally I would not read Cartland but I came across some of the plot whilst researching the.

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And, as if that’s not bad enough, she treats Serena to even more vile insults and orders the servants to ignore the heroine’s status as the current if. Justin now finds himself in possession of the house and Serena, but has no idea of what to do with them.

A Saga of Hearts 2 books. Where it might be fine for those who like their romances in such a way that there is a hero, a villain, and a heroine, I can’t seem to allow Cartland to have a hold on me as either Austen or Heyer does of writers who have left us.


So Lord Vulcan wins a house and the hand of a stranger he’s never met. Before getting it I saw the cheesy film version which is much more readily available in the teens of the 21st century then the book is. Cartland presents a mild Oedipus complex trope via the dowager and the H, because the latter adores his mother so much that he blinds himself to the reality of just how evil and manipulative she can be. This is my favourite book of hers. A Merry War A crisis forces Serena and Justin to confront their feelings for each other.


Full Cast and Crew.

Hazard Of Hearts is one beautiful entrance to the deluxe society in England with all its enticements and corruption, and a sweet gripping romance, that deserves four shining stars from me. The novel was published in The Marchioness was killed by the smugglers when she did not pay them the gold she had promised. Lord Vulcan, who has witnessed the events, takes pity on Serena Staverley, although they have never met.

Hazard of Hearts is fascinating and successfully keeps me glued to it, and I daresay this is one of the best books she writesLord Vulcan is awesome, the plot is quite complex, and I like it when the lovey-dovey scene is put at the end of the story, which makes the whole story ‘dignified’.

I gave up hope of finding the actual book as it’s so very old.

Trivia About A Hazard of Hearts. And as usual all’s hazadd that ends well. Lady Harriet’s Maid Gareth Hunt If you love historical stories, this is a must read.

Jun 25, Carolyn rated it really liked it. Cartland’s autobiography, I Reach for the Stars: She could run, or she could bow to the will of the brooding stranger who held her father’s debt.

In the book he had fled to Holland after dishonourably shooting Justin too early in the duel, and was never mentioned again. Unable to return home and tell his daughter that he has lost her in a game of dice, Sir Giles kills himself there and then.

She goes against her son’s written orders and refuses to vacate the formal bedchambers that the current marchioness is supposed to use. The dowager marchioness is despicable, immoral, vicious, selfish, obsessed with controlling her sonhexrts addicted to gambling and opium. So, he doesn’t know what exactly do with her. Lists with This Book. csrtland


A Hazard of Hearts (TV Movie ) – IMDb

This one is much better. Excellent scenery hezrts some good actors in the movie. Spoilers Spoilers The differences between the movie and book: Strict mourning was a thing This book is with me.

And I loved the movie. Few of them could control their feelings enough to hide their triumph when they won or their chagrin when they lost. What’s the Name o The world’s most famous romantic novelist, she also wrote autobiographies, biographies, health and cookery books, and stage plays and recorded an album of love songs.

Serena had csrtland rescue from unsuspected source.

A Hazard of Hearts

Lord Vulcan wins and simply pleased that he has saved someone from the nasty Wrotham, he thinks no more about the event. Serena, is a strong and curious young woman strongly accepts her fate to be indebted to Lord Vulcan even though her cousin tries to save her by marrying her, she meets him and caryland said she should move into their family home, where his mother is. Then there was silence.