Proving your identity is required for many day-to-day activities like completing an application, cashing a cheque or renting a hotel room. B.C. residents should. You need a Social Insurance Number to work in Canada or to apply for government You can apply for a Social Insurance Number when you arrive in Canada. FILMARRAY® BCID Panel – Blood Culture ID Panel for FILMARRAY® 21 January, BioFire Submits Special (k) Application to the FDA for the use of.

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I think we may have gotten our wires crossed. Passport Canada Kelowna says no way it can do that because I need something with a picture and signature on it,so off I went back to Service BC and there I still had no satisfaction. My non photo BC Care card expires in Feb We are sorry to say your wife cannot use your care card. Thanks for your comments about the drivers licence combined with the Care Card.

Explain the details of our products and services. Hi Elaine, Thanks for connecting with us here. Hi there I am just wondering about when I renew my back ID…. ICBC has responded directly to you with a response for your question, but we thought we would share their answer here as bciv, in case other people might have the same question.

Identification Card Regulation

She followed by telling me that I cannot have all three names as my first names. For More info please visit: Fofm site also has some tutorials how to fill it out and a applicatiin related forms that you might find useful. No precise measuring or pipetting required Fast: Fitch believes that the near term effects of the bill on BCID are manageable and include moderate margin compression.


Here is the website: In when both cards are up for renewal, you will receive the full 5 years.

BC Services Card: Your Care Card and More

Whats my name in your system Right Now? Hello,I have my drivers license but I need another peice of photo ID other than a passport for a interview I also need it asap what would you recommend and how fast could I get it bcix also what would be the cost.

Hi Louie, Thanks for connecting with us here. Here is their contact information:. Both of these medical conditions require ongoing care and medications which I must take or i will become seriously ill. Like kent said about the 2 pieces of id question i wonder if you choose to get the cards separate rather then together then would the bc service card photo be able to be used as 2nd piece.

Hello Maan, Thanks for your comment here. Get the card that’s right for you.

A quick search reveals that photo id is required to reissue many appliation of ID. I am over We have sent your question forward to our contact at ICBC — stay tuned for more information. Your Care Card and More. Comments will be sent to ‘servicebc gov.


How can this be? What am I supposed to do? Hi, I am a new comer who came in March this year with my family. That is why I went to Burnaby to get the help that I needed.

You are finally in British Columbia for your program with Stepwest, maybe you are doing a study and work program at a College or a working holiday program! I was in their system and I answered all the questions they asked such as dob etc and everything matched up.

Ddi you get to keep the English name on your driver license? This sounds like a question for the good folks at ICBC licensing. I renewed my driver licence today. Please help us if you know anything else we can do. All my documents on income tax, passport, pension plan, MSP, bank loans, credit cards, etc, and up until today, my BCDL had my English name followed by my Chinese name and then last name.

That is what is on my birth certificate.

I go by a shortened version of my name i. Can I take a picture of my msp enrolment forms and e mail them? Hi Shawna, ICBC is the authority on licensing and we encourage you to send this comment to them directly.

Thank you so much.