This item is a Sony Blu-Ray Home Cinema system, Model No: BDV-NWL. The item is in excellent working condition and has been used in. compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see BDV-NW specs although its good practice to check on the measurements manually. Sony | BDV-NW | Operating instructions | Sony BDV-NWL home cinema system . You should also review (i) the instruction manual and/or the caution.

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What Hi-Fi?

Firefox Download the latest version. Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. This means you can keep that main unit tucked away at back of the room to reduce the mess. The surround amplifier turns on automatically when the main unit is turned on and wireless transmission bdg-n7100wl activated.

You can enjoy high quality sound if the AAC is enabled. Consult your doctor such as a pediatrician or eye doctor before allowing young children to watch 3D video images. Should you notice an abnormality in the unit, disconnect the bdv-n7100sl plug from the AC outlet immediately. Then, touch the button again with your finger covering the button indicator.

Sony BDV-NW review | What Hi-Fi?

Do not touch the surface. Plays one frame at a time when pressed in pause mode. Playback By holding an NFC-compatible smartphone near to the on the main unit, the main unit and smartphone proceed to complete pairing and the Bluetooth connection automatically.


Select the radio station. Sony recommends a connection speed of at least 2. The system simulates surround sound from 2-channel sources and outputs sound from all speakers 5. Sound of the main language will be output.

Operates the renderer equipment Server C Network condition indicator Indicates signal strength for a wireless connection. Visible and invisible laser radiation is emitted when the laser protective housing is opened, so be sure to avoid direct eye exposure. Other character formats may be displayed differently. For more detailed information about recycling of this product or battery, please contact your local Civic Office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product.

Be quiet during the measurement. The system can output sound volume. Reduces on-screen banding by smoothing gradations on flat areas.

The vision of young children especially those under six years old is still under development. When connecting to the main unit and surround amplifier, insert the connector until it clicks.

Settings and Adjustments Manua the Setup Display You can make various adjustments to items such as picture and sound.

Movie The system provides the optimized sound for watching movies. You manuual select the sound to suit your preference. Disconnect the calibration mic, then select [OK]. When the previous page does not appear even if you select [Previous page], select [Window List] from the options menu and select the page you want to return to from the list. For details on setting the Bluetooth device in pairing mode, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the device.


Kanual remote control returns to its default settings.

Sony BDV-NWL home cinema system |

Saving Power in Standby Mode Check that you have made the following settings: When you select bdv-n7100wo of the [Speaker Settings] items, the test tone is emitted from each speaker in sequence. If color irregularity persist, place the speakers further away from the TV set. Expand Internet Streaming Services Internet streaming videos stop, pause, buffer, or the picture and sound quality is poor.

Right Connecting the other equipment Set-top box, etc.

Turns off the function. The wireless transceiver is not inserted correctly into the wireless transceiver slot. The operation method differs depending on the disc.

A sudden loud music is heard.