VX ULTRA-VOICE®. PRO. High-performance mic preamplifier/voice processor No part of this manual may be reproduced or. Version December ULTRA-VOICE ® ENGLISH VX User’s Manual ULTRA-VOICE VX SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. The microphone preamp Behringer VX Ultra-Voice Pro is not only a high- quality preamplifier but a full voice-orientated signal processor, including.

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A button “absence” can I quote “to reduce the portion of the voice hoarse. For the price, there is not equivalent. A remake for the price I would go faster for ” presonus tube pre ” cheaper and far more efficient.

Externally induced mains hum, etc.

The voice-optimized EQ can be used to solve the following problems: This tool is a road. For this application the gate function proves quite handy to remove unwanted signals completely. Well at least it preamplifier. What made a clean get without breaking the bank. Nevertheless, we recommend that you carefully examine the packaging and its contents for any signs of physical damage, which may have occurred during transit.

On the other hand, professionals shun the device to the small number of feature settings no adjustments attack compressor simplisticIn this way, unwanted signals are removed from the reverb signal only, but not from the wanted signal.


Over time I began to get closer vx22000 to a tolerable sound quality, but it is less obvious than separate components. The answer is quite simple: Finally, the unit provides decent sound, especially if no one uses the “tube emulation” which is completely undrinkable it distortionne without warming, a peak. Use the expander behrinver isolate single signals and remove crosstalk, which is lowered in volume, while the louder wanted signal remains unaffected.

It gives a nice sound card. The warranty regulations mentioned herein are applicable unless they constitute an infringement of national warranty law.


Blown fuses may only be replaced by fuses of the same type and rating. The more you turn it to the right HOTthe more pronounced the effect will be.

The frequency range processed is around 8 kHz. If you have, there is the lamentable result.


Start by soloing the track, then check it together with the remaining signals. Expander and tube emulation The expander reduces mznual signal level during soft passages, so as to eliminate interference such as tape hiss or crosstalk.

It is a rack-mount model. The settings are super weird that I was accustomed to the use of multi-effects, or Plugz, in short I turned, I trounais the knobs still having sound Many satisfied customers mean large sales volumes enabling us to get better conditions of purchase for components, etc. Everything else is turned off. If you start with too high a level, you risk berhinger the input stages of downstream devices! Mmanual de-esser and master section 10 2.


Object and Liquid Entry: Please use the enclosed power cord to connect the unit to the mains. DAT or hard-disk recorder. Because we know that your success is our success, too!

Behringer ULTRAVOICE VX2000 User Manual

Since I amnual affects more and I made marks on the camera because I change my settings it again cata As a result of these efforts, modifications may be made from time to time to existing products without prior notice.

First, you need to identify the frequency range containing unwanted signals: In level reduction mode the bandwidth is narrower than in level boost mode, i.

The appliance should be situated so behrinter its location or position does not interfere with its proper ventilaton. You can use the expander to eliminate interference from other instruments recorded e.