designed by bernard tschumi architects, the new acropolis museum in athens, greece features archeological remains with over sqf of. The challenges of designing the New Acropolis Museum began with the responsibility of housing the most dramatic sculptures of Greek antiquity. This. STUA is proud to announce that the New Acropolis Museum of Athens has been furnished with STUA’s very important project has been a dream.

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We didn’t find the page you are looking for The circulation route narrates a rich spatial experience from the city street into the historical world of the different periods of archeological inquiry.

This creation has long been judged the single most important building in the canon of western civilisation, partly because of tscuumi classical values it so perfectly embodies, and partly because its beauty really is hard to match. It also offers a tremendous view of the entire Acropolis.

The new Acropolis Museum | Yatzer

It has been a church, a mosque and even a gunpowder store, depending on who held Athens at the time. The base of the museum floats on pilotis over the existing archeological excavations, protecting and consecrating the site with a network of acropilis placed in careful negotiation with experts so as not to disturb the sensitive work. Located at the foot of the Acropolis, the site confronted us with sensitive acropolsi excavations, the presence of the contemporary city and its street grid, and the Parthenon itself, one of the most influential buildings in Western civilization.

And a journey into impressive design, too. The feeling of having arrived somewhere special is inescapable. How can any architect ever match its rhythm and harmony? On the second floor archaic and early classical statues are scattered across a big gallery like a crowd in an agora. The Greek Government has had the two buildings de-listed historically although one is Neo-Classical [7] and the other an example of Art Deco architecture.


Landscaping is designed to open up the public spaces in and around the museum and to incorporate with the neighborhood. The building is complete, though its display of magnificent Athenian art, some 4, ancient artefacts in all, won’t be finalised until next summer. This twist aside, the museum’s design is calm, even strait-laced.

Yatzer strongly invites you to do so. As Tschumi says, “A visit to the top floor will be a journey into the world of cultural politics and propaganda, as well as great art.

Bernard Tschumi has been showing photographic images of the space in front of the museum edited to remove the two buildings and nearby four-story-tall trees. Found in near the Erechtheion. Points at which the sculptural world of the 6th — 4th centuries BC and contemporary Athens can meet and mingle.

Tschumi’s design revolves around three concepts: The long and rectangular hall whose floor is sloping, resembles the ascension to the rock.

The top level of the Museum sits askew on the lower levels to achieve the same cardinal orientation of the ancient temple on the Acropolis. The base of the museum floats on pilotis over the existing archeological excavations, protecting the site with a network of columns placed in careful negotiation with experts. The tables used have been Zero tables and depent on the area where they were located, different materials were selected for the top.

Its transparent enclosure provides ideal light for sculpture in direct view to and from the Acropolis, using the most contemporary glass technology to protect the tsvhumi against excessive heat and light.

Statues, and scenes taken from pottery are set into motion, coming to life in a series of animations played in a loop lasting an hour. A vast, sunlit and many-columned chamber, it is a pleasure to walk through in its own right; but by next summer, it will be adorned with Greek and Roman-era Athenian sculpture.


A glass ramp overlooking the archeological excavations leads to the galleries in the middle, in the form of a spectacular double-height room supported by tall columns. To create enough room for the new museum, some apartment buildings had to go – by order. Marble pedestals, glass vitrines, and steel niches Construction Budget: In times of tremor, the columns will dip and sway – enough, hopefully, to save the building from collapse.

Some said the job shouldn’t have gone to a foreigner. A controversy erupted over the plans of the new museum and whether it was appropriate to build it on the archaeological site in Makrygianni neighborhood. The new Acropolis Museum.


The barracks were built on public land and a limited number of expropriations of surrounding private houses were needed to free up the necessary space. The museum is located by the southeastern slope of the Acropolis hill, on the ancient road that led up to the “sacred rock” in classical times.

The New Acropolis Museum is already extremely popular among visitors from all over the world. An entrance lobby designed for at least 3 million visitors a year is never going to be as quiet as a temple, but this is a remarkably calming space.

Major landmarks of Athens. This building is a wonderful project that has become one of the most important tourist destinations in Greece at the moment.

In all attempts and projects, from the smallest structure building to the largest construction, conflicting voices and objections often arise.