The past two nights I have gone through Bert’s 60 minute workout. I did much better tonight than I did last night and feel this workout could. This is Bert’s “60 Minute Workout”, which is video #1 in his collection of nearly It definitely will still benefit anyone to watch the video.

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I’ve made the PDFs for the workoout shots and some more, download here: Volume 18 The Shotmaker’s Workout. Since that time I’ve kept them on my Computer and never deleted them. He enjoyed them and wanted the PDFs to continue his workout while he was leaving and heading back to California. Volume 96 Chasin da Ghost.

Volume 12 The Mighty X. Improve your game using this workout!

Bert Kinister Volume 1 – “60 Minute Workout” for Pool and Billiard. – video dailymotion

Find all posts by peteypooldude. Learn how to put the cue ball on a string just like a yo-yo. Refine your stroke to be able to connect the dots all around the pool table. Its not only a game, but first and foremost a demanding sport, which requires good stamina, the logical thinking of a chess player, and the stable hand of a concert pianist.


Thank you for posting these. I think it Was Secret knowledge of 8- and 9-Ball there bert only talk. Volume 85 The Power Tuneup Step 5.

Bert Kinister Volume 1 – “60 Minute Workout” for Pool and Billiard.

Find all posts by Poolmanis. Volume 16 Bank Shots for 8-Ball and 9-Ball.

Volume 89 Secrets of Professional Pattern Play. Volume 52 Intermediate Cue Ball Control Volume 13 Rock Around the Clock.

Find all posts by bbb.

Volume 84 The Power Tuneup Step 4. Busboy Wanna Play Some? Volume 37 The Long Game.

Volume 38 Putting it Altogether. Learn to position the cue ball to the exact spot you desire. Volume 73 Secrets of One Pocket.

Now I got something to work on “I could eat a bowl of alphabet kinuster and shit out a more intellegent statement than this one.

Volume 50 Secrets of 8-Ball and 9-Ball Patterns.

Find all posts by alanvo. Last year I watched the video many times and made my own drawings. You’ll be surprised at how powerful you become at the table. A workout designed around the shots most students miss.


Bert Kinister Videos

The kunister I practice, the mnute I get. Volume 63 Secrets of Banking Balls. If so, this is the video you must see. Volume 82 The Power Tuneup Step 2. Find out what Neils minufe is and see if you can even get close. Find all posts by bdorman. My new student have 60 minute workout too and asked if we could draw diagrams of shots Use these exercises to develop the speed control you need to get to the next level.

Volume 57 Jump and Masse Shots. Volume 5 Building the Six-Pointed Star. Volume 45 The Rectangle of Doom. Want to learn some trick shots used to hustle the cash?

Are you the spider or are you the fly when you play one pocket? If so, watch this video.