Related articles Related articles appear here based on the labels you select. Click to edit the macro and add or change labels. Related issues. “Bike Owner’s manual” and the specific “RIDE+ Owner’s manual” carefully before you ride on Only charge the battery pack with the included BionX charger. This Manual serves as a supplement to the bicycle user manual. Familiarize yourself with your electric bicycle and the functions of the BionX system in a safe.

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Never open the battery. Check the plug-in connections for moisture after cleaning and let these dry, if necessary, before reusing the bicycle.

The assistance toggle remains the same. Keep in mind that other traffic participants may underestimate the speed of an electric bicycle. Costs for repair work performed in advance by persons who have not been authorized by BionX will not be reimbursed. If your bike boonx equipped with hydraulic disc mahual Always use very little water, and keep water away from the electrical contacts.

In the case of inappropriate use, e. Let the battery cool off for a few hours and then recharge it again. Be aware manjal used batteries must be disposed of properly!

WARNING If you bypass the brake switches you also disable regenerative braking, in doing so your system will not provide any brake support.

Avoid charging in direct sunlight or in very hot or cold temperatures. The system can be turned on but there is no assist Check that the cables running from the battery to the motor are properly connected. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Code Code Set tire size in mm – Select digits one after another with orand confirm with. Don’t show me this message again. Assist level A indicator Make sure that the tires have the pressure recommended by the manufacturer before riding the bike.


No warranty claims are accepted – without limitation to other reasons – in the case of damages due to the following: Hold the key for a few seconds to reset the distance, chronometer, or average speed values to zero.

BionX G2 User Manual

Have your dealer check the torque of the axle nuts as quickly as possible. This warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects.

Removing and Installing the Rear Wheel Mmanual recommend the removal and installation of the rear wheel to be done by a qualified dealer. BionX reserves the right to reject the coverage of this warranty if the accompanying documentation of BionX components is not accurate or complete. Page of 28 Go. Page 28 Your dealer bionxinternational.


It is our love of cycling that drives us, and a passion that we continue to share with our customers. Please contact your BionX dealer mqnual service. The battery should never be exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations or humidity, and always protect the battery during storage from humidity to prevent corrosion on the connectors.

Page 26 In the case of inappropriate use, e. This could damage the battery and possibly lead to overheating or ignition of the battery. To turn the system off, briefly push.

Never use a battery which has obvious damage to the housing or the connector.

Generate level G manuap Wrench symbol Turn the system on Briefly push either top button on the console. This can bend the battery connector, or damage the rear light.

Ride with both hands on the handlebars when riding your electric bicycle. It is our goal to provide you with the highest quality electric propulsion systems available, and offer you the best possible after sales experience.

This could damage the battery and possibly lead to overheating or ignition of the battery. If the rear brake lever is pulled, the drive system automatically enters generate mode. Make sure that a completely charged battery is no longer connected to the charger after the charging procedure is completed.


We recommend that mahual contact your dealer as soon as possible. It is located on your battery key, as well as on the face of the battery lock cylinder. G1 Console For the G1 console, substitute mode for power, and crono for cycle.

Adhere to all valid traffic regulations. The force of a water jet could biknx the electrical components of the propulsion system. This will reduce the life of the battery considerably. The battery should be warmed to room temperature before it is charged, particularly when it was exposed to cold biomx during a ride. Never open the battery. From press for more resistance or for less resistance NOTE The G2 throttle is only compatible with the G2 console, and biox not be available in all countries.

BionX S-series User manual |

If the problem is still not solved, let the battery cool again, fully deplete the battery and charge it again. When the battery is depleted to the level manuual there is risk it could fall into deep discharge, the battery will signal that a recharge is needed by beeping. This torque is essential for the correct function of the propulsion system. A torque sensor is located on the axle of the electric mahual and measures the effort provided by the rider; There is no need to manually set the voltage range, and there is no switch for this charger.

Please read this manual thoroughly, even if you are an experienced cyclist.

If this notch placement is incorrect, please consult your dealer.