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The main contradiction in the concept of seeking love is the emotional instability of adolescents, mainly in their behaviour during the short period of courtship. Transmitir a todos mis lectores fe; y la fortaleza de seguir adelante, siempre con confianza y optimismo pese a las adversidades.

All interviews were recorded, transcribed, and analyzed through grounded theory. The average emntal of education of the head of household was the completion of middle school 9 years of formal educationand the socioeconomic level was low- to lower-middle class.

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With these iboprogramacion sources, we sought to complement and enrich the information, and to gain knowledge of the testimony of the family members, thus qualifying it for the individual mentl family context of teen pregnancy. The protocol was approved by the research and ethics committees of the National Institute bioprogramackon Perinatology and all participants were offered free nutritional care in turn for their participation. Children mentioned lack of time, nearer places, and money: Here it was determined that the same codes would have to be analysed in the different interviews to be subsequently carried out so as to examine the teen pregnancy as a dynamic process.

Accessed 09 Apr We consider that the findings of our study may be due to the fact that the adolescents come from dysfunctional families, where they have not found love or support. Teenage pregnancy has not diminished in Latin America and the Caribbean, despite great efforts in public policy for that purpose [ 11 ]. On the other hand, the teen girls felt disappointed upon discovering that pregnancy and motherhood were not what they had imagined, due bioprogramacoin the fact that their affective aspirations were not satisfied in the way that they had expected.

This situation was expressed by Marietta, ayear-old single: Generally speaking, teenage couples opt for common-law living arrangements because their scarce economic resources allow bioprogramxcion to cover only part of their basic expenses, and they cannot afford the costs of a religious or civil wedding.


Limitations of the study One of the limitations of this research was that we have not delved into the psychological aspects of the participants. With such information they are usually less confused and distressed and react more rationally and reflexively in face of the new behaviour bioprogramacio. In a meta-analysis of 64 trials adolescentsauthors concluded that interventions mixing lifestyle and behavior interventions were effective but need to consider psychosocial features to get behavioral changes [ 5 ].

All of the pregnant teens were from low- to lower-middle-class meental strata in the Mexico Bioporgramacion metropolitan area.

Simonson, Staged Diabetes Management: This manuscript is a transparent account of the study. The intervention was carried out in primary schools and it consisted of education on healthy habits, modification of distributed food, and physical activity.

It mdntal consequently necessary to continue efforts to improve the quality of basic and secondary education and making sure adolescents remain in school system, thus favouring their successful transition to adulthood.

Cerebral Reengineering and Redesign of Thought: Another important barrier is the lack of understanding about overweight consequences. Such programs have stressed interpersonal communication and the articulation of the mentao with the support services provided. With the present study, we aim to contribute to the topic by shedding light on the sociocultural context of adolescents before, during and bioprogramacikn pregnancy, helping to understand this bioprogamacion event that continues to occur frequently in countries such as Mexico.

The aim here was to succeed in interpreting the data through the social construction of the experiences of participants during pregnancy, motherhood and their married life. For example, year-old Sandra married commented: In addition, it is imperative to strengthen sexual education, not only by providing information on physiological aspects, but also through identification and satisfaction of individual needs and dealing with doubts, concerns and expectations, as well bioproramacion other factors.

Most of the children participants did not have breakfast due to lack of time or appetite, as well as lunch or dinner: One characteristic that has been documented within the context of the pregnancy in the adolescents is dropping out of school, a situation that was confirmed with our interviews: Introduction Rates of severe childhood obesity have tripled in the last 25 years, with significant differences by race, gender, and poverty [ 1 ].

Some of them even commented that this situation made them feel like domestic servants in their own home, or like they were under surveillance [ 35 ]. Teenage pregnancy, whose problem?

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Being a mother brought me satisfaction with my daughter, but I regret not having finished school or living longer single. Our findings coincide with those reported by Manning and Cohen [ 44 ], who analysed adolescent cohabitation, marriage and motherhood.


Rates of severe childhood obesity have tripled in the last 25 years, with significant differences by race, gender, and poverty [ 1 ]. Almost all said they were seeking love outside the family, which revealed a scenario of limited communication and unsatisfactory relations within the family.

This was also found by Catharine Good [ 40 ] in a group of adolescents from Guerrero, Mexico, where the majority of adolescents wished to have a family. They stated that they would make their situation work for the sake of their child, and regretted dropping out of school and getting pregnant so young.

All children presented body mass index BMI in percentile 85 or higher.

Data gathering and generation The interviews were semi-structured and conducted face-to-face with each of the teen girls one at a time. He can barely provide for himself… he does not have a steady job.

To achieve this, a considerable degree of interaction was maintained with the participants, based on participant observation. Sixteen girls moved several times, changing between virilocality and uxorilocality.

Volumen 1 de 2. This situation was described by year-old Yaqui cohabiting with her boyfriend:. In the majority of bioprogfamacion, the girl decided to start living with her boyfriend who promised marriage in the future.

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They also expressed the desire to return to school and to work in any kind of job they could get to make ends meet. It also established the importance of understanding the factors contributing to the increase of sexual risk behaviours and negative reproductive health outcomes among young people fundamental in comprehending the phenomenon and establishing public policies and strategies to reduce adolescent pregnancy.

Another factor was the menal economic possibilities of these young couples. To this end, the data from our research were related to those reported in other studies, always bearing in mind the conceptual framework of the pregnancy and the teenager. Adolescents do not share this belief but do not want to be too thin.