Charlie Higson Young Bond collection 5 books set. (Blood Fever, Double or Die, Hurricane Gold, Silverfin, By Royal Command) [Charlie Higson] on. : The Young Bond Series, Book Two: Blood Fever (A James Bond Adventure, new cover) Charlie Higson Young Bond collection 5 books set. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade –What began as schoolboy fun Blood Fever (Young Bond) – Kindle edition by Charlie Higson.

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I had trouble with finding this book, I was on the verge of giving up.

As Bond and Amy wade to the surface, Amy suddenly steps on a sea urchin. As summer vacation looms, James is given the opportunity to go to Sardinia on a field trip with one of his professors, Peter Haight and a colleague, Cooper-ffrench.

The book is actually second in series where they take you into the life of James Bond when he was just a boy studying in Eton, one of the Prestigious all Boys school.

Take Over The Killing Zone Three years ago, to reach a new audience among the Harry Potter generation, and possibly inspired by the success of Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider stories, the estate commissioned Charlie Higson, the co-creator of The Fast Show, to write a sequence of five novels about the young James Bond, at Eton in the Thirties.

Watch out for surrealists.

Blood Fever

Bond is, on closer examination, something of a weirdo who derives many of his qualities from his author’s fantasy life. The third novel, Double or Die, was published on 4 January having had its title announced the day before. He worked with Whitehouse bloodfeverr the radio comedy Down the Line and is to work with him again on a television project, designed to be a spoof of celebrity travel programmes.

Topics Children and teenagers The Observer. James is excited for the upcoming field trip his school is taking him on, giving him a bit of a break from the dangerous new club he just joined – until his relaxation is shattered by a missing family and secretive Italian Count that draw him into yet another grand adventure! The gripping story lines of James Bond have always been major hits.


I would recommend this to Bond fans and youth looking to learn about him for the first time. Dec 29, Carson rated it really liked it.

After hhigson slow start, became as much a social as a literary phenomenon, a classic of postwar fiction whose place in the pantheon was assured. Will James make it out alive this time? Fleming’s death soon merged with the Bond legend. Lists with This Book.

Boy’s Own Bond

James endures some horrific situations such as being tied up and tortured by mosquitos, being beaten by the art thieves as well as an attempt to drug him and push him off a cliff. Young Bond 9 books.

Higson was educated at Sevenoaks School and at the University of East Anglia where his brother has taught since and is now a professor of film studies where he met Paul Whitehouse, David Cummings and Terry Edwards. I accidentally bought this book and I wasn’t expecting much of it, I almost threw it out but I really liked charliee Dec 05, Neil rated it really liked it Shelves: Hiigson, Jana Carnifex, Ugo’s sister, is waiting for them.

This page was last edited on 27 Marchat Jun 30, 15jeffroyo rated it it was amazing. A good read for both younger readers and older fans!

We need to Know who Mark Goodenough is, the teacher at Eton Haight is, as he does quiet a main part to the plot but is not first very obvious and of course we want to know how James Bond is don’t we????? A Sardinian named Vendetta who nurses and loves Bond, even if she can’t talk to him!

Additionally, when Zoltan arrives at Carnifex’s palace, Carnifex declares ownership over Amy Goodenough, much to the great annoyance of Zoltan, whom during his travels to Sardinia had formed a unique and strange bond with Amy. In these books, James Bond falls into many precarious situations, an the stories display his wit and determination in making it out of dangerous times alive. It sometimes grew boring and made me stop reading.


James Bond gets himself into another crazy adventure in Blood Fever!

Blood Fever (Young Bond, #2) by Charlie Higson

James soon discovers that the seemingly peaceful island harbors some strange secrets. I think I’m over bloodfeveer character and his silliness.

Having put up with Carnifex for as long as he could bear, Zoltan turns against Carnifex by flooding his palace leaving it in ruins. One interesting positive element is Higson’s decision to strongly hint that Bond’s cousin Victor is gay.

As can be expected from a young James Bond, danger is never far away and Blooffever is soon caught up in a World of art thieves. Overall i would say this is another good book by Charlie Higson and i can’t wait to read the next one.

According to the author, “They are going to be action adventures, but with a horror angle Published June 1st by Miramax first published January 5th As members of an upper class whose time is up, he and Bond treat foreigners as objects of suspicion and disdain.

Blood Fever – Wikipedia

Double or Die 4. Higaon his getaway, James stumbles upon a weird building with a bunch of stored art and people speaking Latin. In true Bond fashion James finds himself in a bit of trouble, far from home, and not knowing who he can depend on. The series consists of the following titles; 1. Frankly, I would love to see what Higson could do with a story in Bond’s later years.