Piranesi | Designing from Ruins of AntiquityAmong the many conundrums of Jorge Luis Borges’ story “The Immortal” is the City of Immortals. The Immortal by Jorge Luis Borges. First Edition Provenance: February as a short story (Publisher unknown). Excerpt Provenance. By Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Caeares, and Norman Thomas di No longer subject to the exigencies of corporeality, they were immortal.

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Among the Immortals, on the other hand, every act and every thought immottals the echo of others that preceded it in the past, with no visible beginning, or the faithful presage of th that in the future will repeat it to a vertiginous degree.

The founding of this city was the last symbol to which the Immortals had descended; it marks the point at which, esteeming all exertion vain, they resolved to live in thought, in pure speculation.

Jorge Luis Borges’ City of the Immortals (Utopias and Dystopias #5)

After wandering through the desert and succumbing to harsh conditions, Immprtals finds himself tied up in a recess on the side of a mountain. The soldiers desert and mutiny and Rufus is forced to flee, injured, into broges desert sandstorms.

Notify me of new comments via email. As such, the infinite represents complete contradiction of the individual and also its validation. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Rufus spends centuries living with the Immortals, mostly immersed in thought, until the notion of the existence of a river with the powers to “take away” immortality causes the group to scatter in search of it in the tenth century.

Lmmortals set off to find it knowing that eventually they will drink from every river and find the one that allows them to die. Unlike the mathematical logic and symmetry of M.


The prospect of immortality has attracted surprisingly few supporters. By becoming part of the collective unconscious, the man has also given up on his humanity. He also told me of his own old age and of that late journey he had made—driven, like Ulysses, by the intention to arrive at the nation of men that know not what the sea is, that eat not salted meat, that know not what an oar might be.

I know that you and the other Borges are in every human I may encounter, so I will tell you now that I too am Borges and the other Borges. I felt that it had existed before humankind, before the world itself. The postscript ends with the unknown author of the postscript rejecting Cordovero’s claim. He was a horrible human being who dragged Hector, a man who risked his life for his country, across the grounds in front of his family which was considered sacrilege in ancient Greek culture.

Seen in this manner, all our acts are just, but they are also indifferent. As long as it lasts, no one in the world can be strong or happy. Horges remember nothing else.

Instead of finding a city, he finds a labyrinth; Borges was fascinated with labyrinths, which I can respect. You are commenting using your WordPress. The gods that built this place were mad. Other staircases, clinging airily to the side of a monumental wall, petered out after two or three landings, in the high gloom of the cupolas, arriving nowhere.

They built that carapace, abandoned it, and went off to make their dwellings in the caves. He was clearly of tremendous influence, writing intricate poems, short stories, and essays that instantiated concepts of dizzying power. The troglodyte who makes patterns in the sand and the hero Rufus who finds himself questing after and achieving immortality should be seen as synonymous, all-encompassing representations of the choosing individual within the infinite flux of the universe’s permutations.

Your email address will not be published. I had made my way through a dark maze, but it was the bright City of the Immortals that terrified and repelled me.


He discovers the City of Immortals nearby, abandoned but for the troglodytes.

Ex Libris: Architecture + World Literature | The Immortal By Jorge Luis Borges

I said it, I know, with an incomprehensible reprobation which was almost remorse, with more intellectual horror than palpable fear. We are human because we die. To the impression of the enormous antiquity others were added: Labyrinths are confusing, but comprehensible.

At the end of one corridor, a not unforeseen wall blocked my path— and a distant light fell upon me. Borges sets the tone for a mysterious quest in the first few pages, as descriptions of places and cities on the way to locating the City of Immortals elevate the thr status of not only the city to be found but also a world unknown to history.

Often, especially early in his career, the mixture of fact and fantasy crossed the line into the realm of hoax or literary forgery. In analyzing Persona 3: This borgee uses cookies. Borgee majored in English. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Immortal (short story)

I cannot recall the stages by which I returned, nor my path through the dusty, humid crypts. However, it can also be said, without too subtle of an insight, that Rufus becomes the immortal once he embarks upon his journey.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I could see fortifications, arches, frontispieces, and forums; the foundation of it all was a stone plateau.