Open Source Project to clearly report, develop, advance the electrolyzer plans of Bob Boyce. Image:Bob Boyce electrolysis system sq wide 95xjpg. This project is the construction of an electrolyzer unit which is intended to improve the .. Bob Boyce has recently stated that he has run a cc twin- cylinder. Cluster Map of Web Hits Google: water fuel The electrolyzer projects are George Wiseman Chris Eckman T.V. Prevenslik Horace Heffner Bob Boyce Stan .

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This is done in two different directions to produce a cross-hatch pattern. Normally ordinary water is described as non-conducting. The transformer design depends on the cell curent and cell voltage. Bob has further advanced his electrolysis system and has very kindly freely shared his development in the form of an open-source public disclosure, which he has no intention of patenting and which he wishes to prevent others from patenting by his prior public disclosure of the information.

Just before the EV is emitted, a liquid metal protuberance forms at the tip of the electrode.

Water as FUEL

In addition, impurities in the water are taken out of solution. Provided that this situation remains for a second or two, capacitor C2 charges electrolyzfr and the voltage on the base of transistor Tr1 rises, causing it to switch on.

This is the original Meyer driver circuit that used the coils in an alternator. While that system is very effective, allowing high speed driving and considerable range electtolyzer one tank of hydrogen gas, it is not a true Hydrogen-On-Demand system where water is the only fuel. In the reporter, Dean Narciso, investigated the circumstances around the death projdct Stan Meyer; his findings are on the web. The First Law of Thermodynamics states that the total energy of a thermodynamic system remains constant although is may be transformed from one form to another.

This makes a electrolyzet base for the primary windings which will be wound on top of the tape layer. A portion on the molecules are dissociating and associating automatically all the time.


Atomic hydrogen is at an even higher energy state. The mainstream scientific community has not accepted electrolyxer existence of this isomer of the water molecule. It could be any of the salts or minerals present in tap water, but Boyce observed a whitish surface after conditioning in distilled water with some potassium hydroxide. Search Engine Submission – AddMe.

Bob Boyce Electrolyser :: Water as fuel

The water should be cool because the chemical reaction between the water and the KOH generates a good deal of heat …. Each primary winding is pulsed, so it is not carrying current all of the time, also, the final primary current is the sum of the three pulsing signals, so a reduction can be allowed for that.

It is interesting to note that there was only a twenty five year gap in the history of science where boyxe fabric of empty space was considered a true void. A possible physical layout for this circuit is shown here: The Dlectrolyzer theory focuses on the basic structures of hydrogen and oxygen atoms and how they are combined in the water molecule.

It was essentially a brute force system, although I was taking advantage of the series cell and the efficiency boost of the catalytic electrolyte. Moreover, when the gas is analyzed in appropriately equipped laboratories, researchers find very little hydrogen. Units with just 60 cells are inclined more to brute-force DC electrolysis, tending to mask the gains produced by pulsing.

The inertia paper implies that if we can learn to cohere the zero-point energy, we can in principle invent inertial propulsion: They might also require a white powdery dielectric surface. Now, I just want to try to educate people on the benefits of properly constructed series cells, and how to properly condition to get an efficient catalytic reaction.

Version “G” boards For larger image click on pcb board. A 39 5 I discovered that with the right frequencies, I was able to generate monoatomic hydrogen and oxygen, which when recombined, produces about 4 times the energy output of normal diatomic hydrogen and oxygen molecules since the process of combustion does not have to break apart the molecules first before recombining into water vapor.

A trade secret of his, only given out to close friends and cool people only. This process can be explained by quantum mechanics. There is no reason to believe this is the case and in any event the balance will be restored by nature mixing the water formed with normal water vapor. Meyer has utilized a novel electronic circuit which produces high voltages but prevents currents from flowing.


The electrodes must be properly cleaned and conditioned. I think the limiting factor on those early 60 cell designs was the amount of gas that could evolve out of solution and come out of epectrolyzer chamber given the plate area being blocked by the bubbles. During the conditioning process the electrodes emit a brownish sludge. Since he was originally in the boat racing business, his plan boyyce to scoop water in the front and dump the exhaust water out the back.

These holes are sized at the Planck length, cm. Running Vehicles on Water. As it takes 2 H atoms to form H2, only half of the energy of the KJ will be involved in prroject process.

The transformer has been successfully duplicated and used by others, driven with my triple-oscillator board, to achieve a resonant drive to the cells which results in a performance which is well beyond the maximum stated by Faraday. The atoms in the molecule will have a ‘zero point energy’ of vibration and therefore there is a finite chance of dissociation.

A hydrogen atom will typically combine on its first collision with whatever it contacts. Use a very low wattage iron and avoid applying heat directly to the body of the capacitor. projeect

We think you have liked this presentation. The car got a whopping 3 mpg in the city and 6 mpg on the highway. Maintain this voltage across the set of plates for several hours at a time.

Energetic anomalies include large radiant energy absorption, high electrolyser spikes, runaway electrons, and anomalous plasma heating.