Advertising agency Young and Rubicam (Y&R) developed a model of brand equity called Brand Asset Valuator (BAV). Based on research with. objective conditions of a brand through brand asset valuator tool developed by . The model is introduced by The Young and Rubicam, and used as the way to. BAV® is the world’s largest and leading empirical study of brands. Using BrandAsset® Valuator, a proprietary brand management tool and global database of.

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We help our clients not only understand a brand against its category, but also provides insight into its larger role in culture.

Brand Asset Valuator

A brand’s ability to capture attention in the cultural landscape. A powerful driver of curiosity, advocacy and pricing power. How appropriate and meaningful a brznd is to consumers. Drives brand consideration and trial. A measure of how highly regarded a brand is and how well it delivers on its promises.


Leads to trial and commitment. The depth of understanding people have of a brand — both its positive and negative information.

Measure and understand a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, and white space opportunities against category dynamics, helping clients break away and drive deeper consumer passion in culture. The only real-time equity model links long-term brand equity building with short-term passion and online behavior. We can uniquely understand brand perceptions, patterns of information sharing and engagement, and how they ultimately drive consumer advocacy in the marketplace.

Identify ideal partners or acquisitions, measure the impact of partnership activations, and sell the power of your brand.

Determine the power and role of brands across a client portfolio, identifying a cohesive brand identity system. We evaluate and help optimize the relationship between a master brand and sub-brands, bring clarity as where alignment makes the most sense.

Measure and optimize a brand’s positioning over time, including how creative campaigns affects long-term perceptions about the brand. We will identify key performance indicators and benchmark brand equity over time, and relative to peers.


BAV Group – Global Strategic Consultancy

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Brand Strength Future growth potential. Brand Stature Current operating value. Portfolio Architecture Determine the power and role of brands across a client portfolio, identifying a cohesive brand identity system.