fastest supercharged C7s, C7 Z06s, C6s and IRS C5 all run ProChargers. around the world specializing in installing and fine-tuning the supercharger system. C7 Forced Induction/Nitrous – Looking for C7 Procharger install – Hello again, I’ve got a c7 z51 that I’m looking to put a Procharger on. release of the + C7 Corvette ProCharger Supercharger System. So here we go the easiest Corvette supercharger system install we have ever offered.

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Starting with a fresh core design, the cross flow section of the intercooler core was increased in size to eliminate pressure drop as much as possible, while retaining cooling capacity. I would love to run my car down to Texas! With a two week gap between the stock baseline run and the ProCharger equipped run, the two weeks felt like an eternity as we were more eager than ever to test it out.

Last edited by joemosfet; at All in all, we could not be happier with how the C7 Corvette handled when equipped with the ProCharger system.

Looking for C7 Procharger install – CorvetteForum – Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion

I wouldn’t go with someone who had never done one. If you get what you are looking to get on the install and tune that money believe me will be well spend. Considering the conservative tune we put on the system and only seven pounds of boost, we were able to pick up an impressive In addition, we prepared the front bumper for removal by removing all fascia shroud screws and the various splash guards located in and around the front bumper. With the supercharger and corresponding mounting brackets affixed to the motor, their attention shifted to the intercooler.

Bolt-On Power: Corvette C7 ProCharger Install

Send a private message to DP RS. In order to gain access to the crankshaft balancer bolt, the bolts holding the ABS bracket, K-member, sway bar, and steering rack need to be removed so that a pry bar can be used to separate the K-member from the frame. This not only speeds up the install, but it also ensures that all factory braking, cooling, and oiling systems installatiion the car work just as GM intended.


RMCR did it while I waited, let me take video, sent me the dyno run files, etc.

Thanked 30 Times in 25 Posts. He started off with his own head and cylinder porting shop, moved to working for Holley Performance, then going back to the porting industry, to only finally leave to do it all on his own again in Simply upload your stock tune from the ECM, upload it to your computer, and then email the stock tune to ProCharger who within 24 hours will send back a vehicle specific tune to be uploaded to the vehicle.

They are a Procharger shop and have package deals. Not only does the kit offer strong power gains, but it does so using only 7 psi of boost and high quality pump gas 91 octane or greater.

GM spent a great deal of time on the airflow design of this new C7, from the front fascia to the inlets for the coolers on the rear fenders. With lots of our customers, the cars that they bring to us for installlation work are already very fast. On the same fuel at peak boost, an LS3 car with the same boost would be right around Maybe it’s worth it to you to ship the car to a reputable shop and have them ship it back.

Looking for C7 Procharger install. I would recommend them.

Thanked Times in 76 Posts. The goal of this build was to achieve HP initially, with the custom tailored package our Performance Team put together for the owner we were able to make Wheel Horse Power, which easily exceeds the benchmarked goal of power at the crank!

We’ll send you the most interesting Dragzine articles, news, car features, and videos every week. Send a private message to robbieroflcopter.


Procharger F1A C7 Z06 HP Built at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) – Redline Speed Worx

If you are an all out drag racing guy, our vertical kit is hands out the best kit out there. Click for Advanced Search. While separated, a one inch spacer is inserted on both sides of the vehicle. I don’t want to be the guinea pig lol.

We work with shipping companies all the time should you want to send it to us in Phoenix. Find More Posts by joemosfet.

Green Brook Auto Repair

This is something that is extremely important because most people that purchase a C7 are going to want to be able to comfortably drive it at more places than just a racetrack. Included with the blower unit itself was a radically upgraded air to air intercooler, trick intake manifold, and all the necessary hoses and hardware to plumb the air from the supercharger to the intake manifold.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but a proper steady state dyno would make that a more exact science, at least according to Greg Banish’s efi tuning classes. Making a cool, comfortable, reliable hp used to prochrager something that only dreams were made of but now this can happen in our workshop, budget permitting.

What direction do you turn if you want to maximize your power gains for your investment? For some, the base car is more than they will ever need, for others the impressive starting platform is just that, a platform to take the car to even greater heights.

Once all of the clips, bolts, and pins are removed, the front bumper easily comes off which greatly simplified the installation of the intercooler in later steps. After bolting on the Stage 2 intake kit and taking another round on the dyno, the C7 was able to produce American Muscle Takes a Trip to the Gym.