Caterpillar® D Mining TruckName Venue Date Overview Caterpillar® D Mining Boletin Competitivo Camiones Mineros Caterpillar -TEJB Camion Minero D – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Wire Description Wire Number C F F F F G Wire Color Description Power Circuits KENR June .

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The integrated system combines the service, secondary, parking brake and retarding functions in the same robust system for optimum braking efficiency. Safety is integral to maintaining the highest productivity in mining machine operation.

This arrangement also includes Extra Retarding. Caterpillar has been and continues to be proactive caimon developing mining machines that meet or exceed safety standards. Hydraulically activated automatic retarder control system electronically controls retarding on grade to maintain optimum engine rpm and oil cooling.

The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provides unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions, and on haul roads with high rolling resistance.

Your Cat dealer can arrange training programs to help operator’s improve productivity, decrease downtime, reduce imnero costs, enhance safety, and improve return on the investment you make in Cat products. Tail extensions are used to help retain the rear portion of the pile and limit load spillage on haul roads, extending tire life.

Altitude Compensation Designed for maximum operating efficiencies at altitudes under m 9, ft. Easy to reach turn signal, high beam, intermittent windshield wiper and windshield washer controls are designed for optimum efficiency and comfort. Quickly releases and re-engages to reduce power train torque loads for smoother shifting, long life and a more comfortable ride. Resiliently mounted to the main frame to reduce vibration and ,inero, the integral Cmaion structure is designed as an extension of the truck frame.

Cat | D Mining Truck | Caterpillar

Operator’s Station Ergonomically designed for operator comfort, superior control and high productivity. Monitoring System Vital machine health and payload data keeps the D performing at peak production levels. HARC allows the operator to maintain optimum engine speeds for faster downhill minerl and greater productivity.


The system is operated by two new variable displacement piston pumps. T Switch Normally Open: If slippage exceeds a set limit, the oil-cooled disc brakes engage to slow the spinning wheel.

Fast Fill Service Center Optional Wiggins fast fill service center features high speed fuel and oil exchange. Data can be accessed through the message center, transmitted via optional radio or downloaded onto a computer for detailed analysis. Full-size, fully padded trainer seat features a backrest, wide hip and shoulder room, and seat belt for secure travel. Provides operator or service technician immediate access to current machine information, gauge values and stored data through the message center display.

Target Payload Strategy Your Caterpillar Dealer can help you manage to target payload to maximize equipment utilization, ensure safe operation, increase productivity and lower cost-per-ton.

Ithas acoilthatmakes anelectromagnetwhencurrentflows throughit. Designed for excellent all-around visibility and clear sight lines to the haul road, the large viewing area enables the operator to maneuver with confidence for high productivity. Cat Data Link All control modules communicate via the Cat Data Link and work together as an integrated system to maximize production efficiency and extend component life.

This design absorbs the braking forces by shearing the oil molecules and carrying heat away to extend brake life. La Importancia de los reportes internacionales en el negocio minero Paul Bright.

Air Filters Radial seal air filters are easy to change, reducing time required for air filter maintenance. Standard Arrangement The standard arrangement is designed for exceptional, all-around performance. Servicing Ease Easy access to daily service points simplifies servicing and reduces time spent on regular maintenance procedures.

This indicates thatthecomponentdoes nothaveawireconnectedtoground. Allows convenient servicing to tanks, filters, drains, and engine shutdown.

Camion Minero 793D

If hydraulic system pressure drops below a specified level, the spring-applied secondary piston automatically applies the brakes. The Cat B High Displacement engine is built for power, reliability and efficiency for superior performance in the toughest applications. Integrated Braking System The Cat oil-cooled braking system delivers reliable performance and control in the most extreme haul road conditions. Caterpillar dealers have what it takes to keep mining haul trucks productive.


By reducing the losses, the system is able to provide more horsepower to the ground. Operating and maintenance caamion are influenced by many application and site-specific factors, such as: Optional on-board engine oil management system is designed to increase availability and productivity by extending oil change intervals and reduce oil disposal ninero and costs.

All control modules communicate via the Cat Data Link and work together as an integrated system to maximize production efficiency and extend component life. The other pump feeds a new priority valve and provides hydraulic pressure and flow to feed steering, brake cooling, rear axle filtration RAXand the optional RAX cooler systems.

A separate circuit prevents cross contamination for long life. Hydraulic steering control system is minnero for exceptional smoothness and precise control.

Wide Ribs in body floor provide increased durability and impact support. A variety of liner options are available to save weight and extend the body system’s life. Sealed Electrical Connectors Electrical connectors are sealed to lock out dust and moisture.

Intelligent, Caterpillar designed machine monitoring system provides critical machine health and payload data in real-time to keep the D performing at top production levels.

Jinero Cat dealer can help you select the right body system for your site specific applications. Designed for the higher 739d of the B HD engine, the proven planetary power shift transmission is built tough for long life between overhauls.

Parking Brake Oil-cooled, spring-applied, hydraulically released parking brake is applied to all four wheels for superior parking capability on all grades up to 15 percent. Ease of Operation HARC increases operating ease, resulting in greater operator confidence with less fatigue.

To the running of this website, we need your help to support us. The flat floor design with slight incline delivers excellent payload capacity, high dump clearances and smooth, controlled dumping.