as providing a map of this loss, which can guide and improve the diagnosis of certain pathologies (glaucoma, retina disorders, damage in the optic tract, etc.). Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Feb 1, , A. Benjumeda-Salinas and others published Campimetría y glaucoma }. y/o PIO ≥ 21 mmHg fueron remitidos al oftalmólogo para su valoración ( campimetría). Glaucoma prevalence confirms published findings from other similar.

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Louis, Missouri; USA; In the first phase, the threshold values are estimated on the basis of examining only six points. Os slides foram igualmente divididos em: Solicite su copia gratuita.

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Spark [ published online ahead of print October 10, ]. Send this article to a friend by filling out the fields below: They were also informed that all patients had glaucoma or suspicion of having glaucoma. In contrast, in areas with a low Hb content, green and blue light is largely reflected.

One of the authors of the study presented the slides to each of the examiners individually on a inch screen laptop. Examiners were initially informed that this was a study to assess the ability of diagnosing glaucoma through exams without direct examination of the patient, especially designed glaucomz serve remote areas, without the presence of an expert on-site.

Doctors Order booklets about glaucoma for your patients. Participants underwent a full ophthalmologic examination, including clinical history, visual acuity, biomicroscopy of the anterior segment using a slit-lamp, IOP measurement, and ophthalmoscopy of the posterior segment. The slides were equally divided between retinography and corresponding visual field same patient and exams randomly exchanged, where an optic disc of glaucoma with a normal visual field was placed, and vice-versa.

If this is not corrected for, the relative redness of the image may lead to an overestimation of Hb content in the tissue. Graefe’s Arch Clin Exp Ophthalmol.


Patients with glaucoma criteria belowand patients with physiological cupping, 11 but without characteristic signs of glaucomatous optic disc described below were included in the study. In a previous paper, ophthalmologists were asked to match optic discs with their corresponding visual field and of classifying them as glauvoma or glaucomatous.

The Spark strategy performs the examination in four phases. This site uses cookies. Thus, the whole optic disc was divided into 3 concentric rings, and each ring also was divided into 8 sectors Fig. Get Our Free Newsletter Subscribe. Actual distribution of the exams in each slide was only known to the study’s authors and the order of the slides presented was randomized.

The areas under the receiver operating characteristic curves AUCs were calculated for all parameters of every test. Rapid assessment of the visual field in glaucoma using an analysis based on multiple correlations.

Visual field campimetry | Institut de la Màcula

Clinical assessment of stereoscopic optic disc photographs for glaucoma: Regarding HRT3, the correlation was 0. All glaucoma patients had perimetric assessment, having undergone at least two previous examinations. Arch Soc Esp Oftalmol. Forty slides were evaluated by 29 ophthalmologists. Only after data collection, the examiners were informed of the real purpose of the study.

El procedimiento requiere tan solo un minuto, aproximadamente, para medir ambos ojos. Translational research in regenerative stem cell therapies for retinal degenerative diseases: Consequently, ten slides of each of the four groups – glaucomatous retinography and visual field, normal retinography and visual field, glaucomatous retinography and normal visual field and normal retinography with glaucomatous visual field – were sent to the examiners.

Los chequeos habituales del glaucoma incluyen dos pruebas de ojos de rutina: Normality of the samples was performed using the Kolmogorov- Smirnov test. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS software, version Hb content, blood flow rate, and oxygen saturation.

Influence of visual field results in the glaucoma diagnosis

Diagnostic agreement between the parameters with high diagnostic ability for each test was evaluated by the kappa statistic. After cataract surgery, the blue value increases and the green value decreases as a consequence of the reduced diffusion, which increases the distance between red and green. The optic disc in glaucoma II: In contrast, areas with a low Hb content reflect a lower proportion of the red component compared to the green and blue light.


Perez-OlivanNone; A. Mendez-HernandezNone; J.

Visual field campimetry is an examination used to assess alterations in the visual field the portion of space that can be campimstria by the eye while focusing on a central point. On the other hand, initial glaucomatous optic disc damage may not glauclma a correspondent visual field defect.

How to cite this article. Kappa values near one express full agreement, and results near zero indicate no agreement or expected by chance.

The presence of cataract glaucomx not considered a criterion for exclusion a priori. The order in which the slides were presented was also randomized. The diffusion of light from vessels also contributes acmpimetria the increase of red in this tissue.

Factors associated with a learning effect in glaucoma patients using automated perimetry. Hb may be measured at each point or sector of the ONH using the same formula F to define the chromatic characteristics of the tissue FT and the reference vessels FV.

In patients with cataracts, diffusion, and absorption of green and blue increase the distances between red and green, and between red and blue in the tissue. Website Sponsors We appreciate support from corporations who believe in our mission to educate glaucoma patients and speed a cure. Optic nerve perfusion basically depends on three factors: X This website intends to use cookies to improve the site and your experience.