“Ordinarily, events that change our path are impersonal affairs, and yet extremely personal. My teacher, don Juan Matsus, said this is guiding me as his. Spanish version: El Lado Activo del Infinito. Full English version: The Active Side of Infinity Return to Carlos Castaneda’s Don Juan’s Teachings. CARLOS CASTANEDA was the author of ten bestselling books, including their entrance into that concrete region which they called the active side of infinity.

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What we can do from inner silence is very similar to what is done in dreaming when one is asleep. There was no public service, Castaneda was cremated and the ashes were sent to Mexico. He said that what modern sire referred to vaguely as life after death was, for incinity shamans, a concrete region filled to capacity with practical affairs of a different order than the practical affairs of daily life, yet bearing a similar functional practicality.

They go wherever the impulse may take them. The sorcerers of olden times, who gave us the entire format of sorcery, believed that there is sadness in the universe, as a force, a condition, like light, like intent, and that this perennial force acts especially on sorcerers because they no longer have any defensive shields.

What’s important is that you arrive at a complete sense of indifference. To recount events is magical for sorcerers. The Teachings of Don Juan That communication provides the basis for all sensory-based communication, which is the only kind we accept as rational or believable, up until now.

Let’s say that inner silence does it, following inexplicable ways, ways that cannot be understood, but only practiced. That type of inorganic being, who are our first cousins, communicate with us incessantly, but their communication with us is not at the level of conscious awareness.

It is guided by the purest sentiment, the sentiment of a warrior-traveler who is about to dive into infinity, and just before he does, he turns around to say thank you to those who favored him. The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. In that case, the mood of your stomach affects everything else. If you come to understand the message of this book, you may find that you live partially in the best of company, and live fully when you are alone.


Don’t just pull the rope; look up and see his eyes. Their individual awareness, loaded with their life experiences, breaks its boundaries, and awareness as energy spills out into the dark sea of awareness. It consists of writing a list of all the people they have met, from the present to the very beginning of their lives. What’s important is that he has the discipline to read what he doesn’t want to read. So, for a long time I’d been trying to get to a point where Carlos Castaneda’s work resonates with me.

Certainly not the people all of us have been led to believe we are. Lots of entities from the universe at large, entities that possess awareness but not an organism, land in the field of awareness of our world, or the field of awareness of its twin world, without an average human being ever noticing them.

And then, everything seems to disappear, and we have now a sedated man.

The moment one crossed a peculiar threshold in infinity, either deliberately or, unwittingly, everything that happens to one from then on is no longer exclusively in one’s own domain, but enters into the realm of infinity.

No, it is not the soul. Every human being has the potential to see energy directly. The difficulty with your facing things in terms of time and space is that you only notice if something has landed in the space and time at your disposal, which is very limited. He called me a petty fart, and worse. So that led me to start taking the book acitve seriously–that maybe there was some value castneda doing the exercises he describes doing in the book.


The Active Side of Infinity: Carlos Castaneda: : Books

It is seeing the underlying fabric of events. Only energetic facts are meaningful for us. I felt like I had to push myself to read it, but at the same time, I liked it when I read it. Sorcerers see this transformation and call it the glow of awareness, a sheen that extends like a halo around the assemblage point.

To ask other readers questions about The Active Side of Infinity activw, please sign up. I was using oof wander-through-the-shelves method to find a new book to read and came across some titles by him.

Didn’t understand lots of the teachings here and yet am fascinated with different explanations of our energy and energy fields and those Mexican shamans have a view, an understanding that certainly took Carlos over the abyss infinit back.

Death for a sorcerer terminates the reign of individual moods in the body. I want to appeal to your analytical mind. They are not trees; they are merely logs.

I am struck by the utterly anti-Christian non-Christian or counter-Christian? El Lado Activo del Infinito. You already know that there exists in the universe a perennial force, which the sorcerers of ancient Mexico called the dark sea of awareness.

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The nagual Julian was a collection of stories that would have anybody in stitches, sprawled on the ground laughing. This intending is not something conscious or volitional; this intending is done at a deep level, and is ruled by necessity. If we want to act independently, carlks demands that we don’t do so. That touch permeates them.