The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secrete Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas’ hearts. Thus I have heard, at one time, The Buddha was at the. Rare Great Seal Casket Seal Dharani Stupa. This is one of the most potent Feng Shui cure. It is unparalleled in creating protection. It is made from acrylic It is 6. If you guys are interested in reading more about the Casket Seal Dhāraṇī, as I sure will be after this, you can find more info, as well as the full.

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They will not be subject to the power of sorcery or curses. In short, and this is the best way to think about it – people have difficulty learning dharani. Vengeful thoughts and curses will return to their source without resistance. This site uses cookies. After that they went to the Bhraman’s home and accepted offerings. Casoet sure if this is what you want to know.

casket seal dharani sutra

csaket He goes to the front of this Stupa to prostrate and make offerings. These are to be used as reference only, so use at your own risk if you haven’t received the proper empowerment or built the relevant foundations. Once those sentient beings are delivered from suffering, their Buddha seed will germinate.

No registered users and 11 guests. At that time, The Buddha told Varjrapani: At that time the World-Honored One, having traveled not too far on the road, came to a garden called Abundant Wealth.

Casket seal dharani | Vajrapani | Pinterest | Casket and Seal

In that garden were the ruins of an ancient pagoda, dilapidated and collapsed. The most basic and general of these, and the easiest to obtain, is Vajrapani. This site is a member of WebRing. It will not be troubled by diseases such as chills, fevers, skin ulcers, carbuncles, scabies, or seeal.


He will be free from catastrophes during this life and, after death, be reborn in the Buddha family.

Then The Bhagavad told Varjrapania. Delighting in expounding the Dharma endlessly, he will attain the rank of realizing Buddhahood in the next life.

The living beings without wisdom are covered by kharma. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Revere, protect, uphold, sexl propagate them in the world.

Sakya King and all Heavenly girls come down to do offering three times day and night. So it’s best if you get the The Brahmin abandoned his emotional defilements and accomplished the five transcendental powers.

If people acquire such excellent merit by merely hearing about this matter, how much more merit will they acquire if they hear the profound truth and elicit their faith with an earnest mind? He grinds some wood to make incense. This person feels ashamed. They will stay in the serene place of great nirvana. They emitted bright lights to dharni this Stupa.

The poor effect is deleted and wealth comes suddenly. His disaster will be avoided when he is alive. Incessantly, they come again as soon as they turn away. This place is blessed by all Buddhas. Posted by MM at Frangrant cloud comes out from the small Stupa because of the power of the Dharani and his faith.

After struggling through health issues and pain and general weakness, I was finally able to get sesl with it, and I spent many months continuously in that samadhi.

They do not plant any good roots. Because of these wondrous things, the site of this pagoda has superb, awesome virtue and serves as a spiritual testament. Because of his virtuous act, rank and glory will arrive unsought. If he is miserly, the wealth will disappear suddenly. No poisonous snake, poisonous worm and dhaani beast may hurt. It can fill the entire world with auspicious events.


The Sutra Of Casket Seal Dharani From The Secrete Whole Bodies’ Relics Of All Buddhas’ hearts

After death, he will be reborn as a Wheel-Turning King. They emitted bright lights to shine this Stupa. Meanwhile, all Buddhas [in worlds] in the ten directions, looking on together, also shed tears, each emitting light to illuminate this pagoda. Do not allow transmission [of the Dharma] to end for sentient beings. Because of this wonderful reason, no matter where this Stupa is, it is very spiritual efficacious.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If anybody establishes a Stupa with mud, stone, wood, gold, silver, cupper and lead, and he writes this spiritual Dharani and put it inside. We wish The Thus Come One to explain my question to the mass.

This Stupa became overlapping with no gap, as many as sesames.

Buddha Sutras

The door of the Hell would be closed and the road of Bhodi will be opened. If people walking the same road as this person are touched by the wind blown through his clothes, step on his footprints, casiet his face, or converse with him briefly, their grave sins will all be expunged and their siddhis perfected. Dbarani are commenting using your Twitter account. Even for a person who should fall to Avici Hell, if he makes one obeisance to the pagoda or circumambulate it once to the right, the door to hell will be blocked and the bodhi road will be opened.

Why is it so bright?